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Proposal To End The Rng And Boredom : From Drop Table To Quest Reward


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I like it.


Example of quest : "we're up all night to get loki"

Made my day, thanks


What are doing players paying for prime access ? they wait for the next update ? No they still enjoy the game

What are doing players tired of grindwalls ? they wait for the next update ? Damn' they actually wait for the next update to see drop table to be normal again.

Do you see the breach in your reasonning ?

That's exactly how I play this game ATM.

Anything with less grind is welcome, but this idea has the following advantages:

1) Adding lore to the game. You know, the thing that DE is talking about since 2 or 3 updates and consist actually of 3 descritpion of warframes, 100 letters each...

2) NO RNG!!! If you are good, you are rewarded. If you are not good enough, you know why, where and what to improve in order to get your rewards, wich led to...

3) Actually doing something: no brain-dead rush hoping to have the good reward in the end. And THAT, that's priceless

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This sounds like either a more tedious version of what we have now, or an incredibly easy version that will cause most of the player base to collect everything and stop playing very quickly.

Maybe not regular quests.... maybe something that takes a little time to go through.


Becasue RNG, for you, is better... I spent weeks farming T3 Survival when Rhino Prime came out and I got the part in a T4 survival a few days ago. 


Do you like that!? I don't! The op has a point here.... and at least he came with a solution that doesn't involve RNG.


If DE would stop making a new S#&$ weapon every week and use the people that do that to actualy make quests they could actualy do what now seems imposible..... let go of the RNG.

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It's a free for all idea ! go for it !

I have linked your thread to my thread, along with a small summary describing what it is. Please take a look. 




https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/236973-some-suggestions-to-make-gameplay-more-engagingrewarding-edit-16-is-now-on-the-thread/ (see A small collection of fixes/changes/additions section, bottom point). 

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