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"failed To Save Progress. Data Was Not Saved." - Super Rage


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knfg;oasfdgnsio;gnidsfngsg So hosted a T2 survival, I was basically carried the entire game picked up a few argon crystals, a second paris prime lower to add to my collection some random non-prime BP, Paris prime bp, two other BP's i dont recognize, I was drowning in control mods by the end of it. My team wipes while running to the exit. I act like any other trinity should and turn on link and run like hell spamming blessing when I amass enough energy. Get to the end was followed by a ridiculous ton of Moa's  jump in circles for what feels like an hour. Die-Revive and such till it finally says mission complete. I roll my chair back and crack my knuckle only to be met with the message Failed to save progress. Data was not saved.

I spend the next 5 minutes relogging hopping my freaking stuff will pop up but nope got 1.9k score which isn't my best buy would have been nice to have. I just recently started playing I still have the LATO pistol and Vulkar sniper but if I see

Failed to save progress. Data was not saved.

d It'll proble be a long @$$ time before I ever revisit this game again. SO FRUSTRATING


shenanigans sir shenanigans


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"My game crashed during a mission." & "Failed to save progress. Data was not saved."
This is unfortunately something Support cannot help with. When these occur, there's no record of your mission for us to investigate, so we're unable to restore the lost items. We're constantly working to solve these issues as they pop up, so we ask you to be patient with us while we work to improve Warframe.

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I understand that cant give what lost. but never happened before yesterdays hotfix.  happened few times now to point I don't wanna play cause wasting my time kinda thing.  ill keep coming back and trying don't want to lose hope in you guys yet.  just keep up hard work plz.

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