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Can't Post In Some Areas Of The Forums? Help Please.


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Hi, I wanted to make a post on the Forums recruiting for my clan.

I wrote out the post and it say I don't have permission to post in the community forums. To my understanding I am a part of the community haha. I've heard you must have played a certain amount of hours or games to be considered regestered as a player but I don't think that's related to the forums. I am Mastery Rank 8 and have a couple of hundred hours in game.


Is there something I'm missing? If so help me out, thanks in advance TiTANiTE001.

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You are trying to post in the PC recruiting section, yes?


PC members cannot post in the PS4 recruiting section, which is where you might have been trying to post. Just to confirm, you are unable to make a post in the PC - Find a Ghost Clan subforum, or the other recruiting subforums in the PC Recruitment section?


Edit: From what I can see, your clan recruitment thread is there and fine.

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