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Having A Hard Time Solo, Need Help My Fellow Tennos



Hey all, farily new to the game, and im having a hard time leveling solo i play mostly at night so not many ppl, i play on the ps4 and it feels kinda empty.

I have loki, nyx, trinty and rhino still deciding wich one to main, made the mistake of picking loki 1st and man the game felt hard i thought i was cool n S#&$ so when i looked at the description on loki beeing and advanced frame i went on him trying to melee anything and hitting the floor hard, so i started making rhino the game felt much easier same with nyx, but there are some missions that i struggle really hard specially on rescue, dunno about the game mechanics damage type so if i could get some advice on what frame, build, weps n mods is best for starter would be good, im only rank 4 so far.

I have orthos, boltron, braton, seer, kunai, galatine as my weps the only rare mods i have are flow, scretch n streamline thanks to rng gods i got the energy aura last night from alerts.

Any help would be apreciated.


( English no my main language so, sry if my writing, grammar is awful )



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Sadly I'm on pc or I'd help you out but I'm actually not that much farther than you (rank 5)and all I can say is practice. Soloing can be tough but once you find your niche you'll do fine, I personally have soloed pretty much everything I've done due to lousy internet connections so trust me it can be done. Personally I started with bows and the orthos with valkyr (has life steal and is invincible while using hysteria so can be nice for soloing) and is still what mainly use today. If your able to watch/ work trade chat (if you have it on the ps4) for some prime gear, I got the orthos and paris prime pretty cheap and they are my mains ATM. Other than that watch Mogamu's videos on youtube for build advice, they are pretty good.

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You might want to try your luck in the PS4 Recruitment forums! Those who post there would be the only ones who can help you.


It sounds like you have started out well, the rest is just a matter of locating more mods and fusion cores to level them up. If you're wanting to build a frame a certain way, the wiki can point you in the direction of the mods you will need and where they drop. For instance, Stretch and Overextended help with Nyx's Chaos, one of the best CC in the game.


Orthos and Kunai will serve you well, but you may want to start looking at other Primary weapons, like the Karak. Either way, you'll need to keep at it to increase your Mastery Rank in order to wield more powerful weapons.

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