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Did Anyone Else Overlap With The Mutalist Idea?


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  I had a weapon Idea to go with a Warframe concepts months back. I called it Quicksilver, and it was a metamaterial firing weapon that shot balls that would grow and stick to enemies and float around. It had some more cool properties, but the Mutalist Infested bubbles remind me of this idea. Did anyone else have something that anticipated the Mutalist's weapons features?


Original Warframe Concept Thread:



 QuickSilver: A Tenno weapon platform similar to the old Multiple Grenade Launcher revolver systems. http://en.wikipedia....iki/Milkor_MGL. Instead of firing explosive grenades like the Penta, the Quicksilver fires a meta-material. A non-newtonian super fluid that can shift properties between a solid and liquid. Quicksilver fires in little balls, akin to the Stug. These balls expand on contact becoming bigger spheres, growing up to 1 meter round over the course of 3 seconds. When striking an enemy they are slowed, once the ball is at full size the target will be totally frozen, trapped for ten seconds. Firing multiple balls will cause them to merge like beads of mercury combining, and accelerates the slowing process for the target and extending the duration of the freezing process. The balls can keep growing, until they fully envelope an enemy, and even big enough that it begins to envelope multiple enemies trapped in Quicksilver balls. Max size of a Quicksilver ball is 10 meters in circumference, enough to fit about 10 Grineer lancers, I think. QuickSilver however, only freezes up and slows targets for ten seconds per ball, then it begins to shrink and disappear. By itself it does no damage, but elements can be added to the Quicksilver that do damage over time (DoT), and it adopts the elements of weapons that fire on the Quicksilver balls. Also targets trapped by a ball can take damage from being knocked around when the ball is struck. Melee or explosives will cause the ball to fly damaging the trapped target and any enemy it comes in contact with the ball, also making them become flying projectiles, like the Boltor rounds or some arrows. Enemies not struck by a Quicksilver ball will not be sucked into another ball unless they are already struck with one, but they can be damaged by the rolling or flying ball and by any elemental attached to it.
(Can't quite figure out how the knock back mechanic works in Warframe. Any help in determining how much damage the Quicksilver ball should do when slamming into enemies would be helpful. Maybe the Super Fluid transfers up to half damage from melee or explosive attacks, and elements damage over time?)
  Type: Launcher
  Trigger Type: Semi-Auto
  Mastery Level: 7
  Base Damage: N/A
  Crit. Chance: N/A
  Crit. Damage: N/A
  Status Chance: N/A
  Fire Rate: 1 rounds/sec
  Magazine Size: 6
  Reload Time: 2.3s
  Charge Attack: None
  Polarities: None

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