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Clan Dojo Room Decoration Roles


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I have dedicated gardens for each officer that they cannot decorate on their own because I don't want them adding or destroying rooms.


It would be nice if Architect role was responsible for adding & removing rooms, and a new role called Decorator (or whatever more apropos) was responsible for add & removing decorations.


I was hoping another rank would be added since Tactician was added with 13.0, right below Warlord for it, but nope. Decorator could fill that gap. There are currently 8 Ranks and 9 Roles.


I have a large Dojo and a "Go To Player" command that some MMO's have would be nice too. I had to run around to get to the waypoint where my officer marked the garden they wanted to claim.


Room for one Rank more in UI:


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i say yes why cant we make as mutch rank names we whant for or clan not like it bother other players

you can have 7 rank names or when you like 100 in you clan non will know it unless thay ar in the clan so why not


sry for bad spelling

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Agreed. The decorator role would be a nice and useful addition.


Also I feel having a dedicated destroyer role may be useful too.. allowing Warlords to entrust building permissions while assuring they can't abuse their architect privileges by destroying other decorations or rooms.

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