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Dojo Dueling Expansion.


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So I'll be the first to say that I'm not a big fan of PVP. I play Warframe, that should be obvious.

But recently there was a bug where you could, if you got your timing right, do PVP battles in the dojo, throughout the entire dojo. This got me thinking. Sure I could invite friends to a conclave, but that's got a limit of four, and it's two people per team, and all sorts of other restrictions. What if you and your clannies, and or anyone who came to your dojo was able to enter into battle mode? I mean, the code, despite being buggy, is clearly already in there. Hell even if you could just take down the walls of your dueling room and have it teleport you to a random spawn around the dojo. It would be like a personal conclave. You could build your tileset accordingly, put cover in, build sniping perches, I could go on for days. Custom PVP maps in warframe, and it doesn't seem like it would be terribly hard to implement.

Potential problems?

People who just want to get stuff in the dojo or hang out (Who, other than me, actually just chills in their dojo?)
Well, if you don't choose to join the battle, you can go about your day, wandering through bullet storms.

The dojo is a serine place of peace.
Well, we already have the ability to beat the snot out of each other, so I mean, I feel like that point is a bit mute.

Will add more solutions if people see more problems. There could be many problems, but I'm willing to try to solve them with you guys.

Apparently I suck at deciding where to put stuff. Mods always move it. This falls under like 12 different categories and five of them could be equally argued as valid locations. If it needs moving, that's cool, but if I'm honest I've pretty much given up on trying to put it in the right spot. It's gonna get moved anyway

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It would be nice, i mean, we literally don't do anything in our dojos, besides trading, and buying blueprints.

My thoughts exactly. Right now the most exiting thing I do is have dojo parties.

If that isn't enough for the devs, I'll throw another plus at your faces. More reason to hang out in the dojo = more reason to add cool decorations for cover, and prettiness = More frustration waiting 24 hours for each decoration/piece of cover or scaffolding (You can't place on top of things above your head without flag scaffolding because you can't jump/wall run/sprint while placing/editing objects) = more people rushing their builds with platinum. It'd boost sales like crazy if you guys managed to do this, and it would be crazy fun too.

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