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Dex Furis D:



how do i get them?   someone told me that is a gift from the lotus,this gift is given after playing warframe for over 1 year, is that true?

if somebody knows something please let me know. 

P.S. unless you are Jon Snow  

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"Dex Furis*: A FREE birthday weapon to celebrate Warframe’s 1 year Open Beta! Login to Warframe before April 2nd @ 11:59 PM EDT to receive this free gift!"


Sorry man but you missed the chance to get them, they might come back next year for Warframe 2nd year anniversary but we don't know if there defiantly coming back, so I wouldn't get too hopeful.  

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Also, I typed Dex Furis into a google search.  Google gave me the following link:




Although the wiki is fan maintained, it is still full of very good information, and has pretty good consistency.  Now if you research something on the wiki and find it to seem wrong, by all means fire up a thread, and devout warframes will leap to find the truth.

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