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Giving Mods To Others Instead Of Selling/trading?



Probably a very novice question to ask, but how would you go about giving a mod to someone instead of having them buy/trade for it?

The reason I'm asking is I want to help a friend get started and give them a couple of my early mods that I got tons of. I'm not asking for anything in return, just wanting to help a fellow Tenno out. Also, will they have to pay the clan tax in order to get it?

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Why do you have to play clan tax? ask your warlord.


There is a separate credit tax regardless of clan tax though, and that's set by DE.


We're in different clans at the moment (he got invited before I realized he was playing). I wasn't sure if he'd have to pay in order to get the mods. We'll eventually be in the same clan or start our own small clan at some point.

Start a trade session, select the mods you want to give, and confirm/accept trade.

Ok, I wasn't sure if the trade would complete with his slots being empty. Thanks for the info. :)
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I would gladly give a mod to a buddy! Once someone on the trading tab asked if someone would give him a True Steel and an Organ Shatter for free . I told him ill give it to him and he gave me a Lethal Torrent cause im a good person :D

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