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Mission Type Concept: Retrieval (A Spin Off Of Defense)


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So I was thinking about defense. We leave at a wave and an "extraction" team comes to take care of the rest, presumably, they retrieve the cryopod, it would seem a bit silly to leave it behind.


So why not have an actual mission type where you go and retrieve the cryopod?

This would be like a cross between hijack, rescue, and survival.


You start as per norm, and as you move along enemies come in around you on dropships, and as you get closer to the cryopod, more and more enemies continue to spawn from these dropships.

Then you enter the defense room, with the exact layout of any of the related defense missions, you find that the room is completely empty (enemies will not enter the defense room. Be it fear of tenno lying in wait inside).

The defense team did their job and cleared everything out.

And lo and behold, there lays the cryopod, right where it was left.

Now enters your mission as the extraction team.


You must retrieve the cryopod, but you have to disconnect it from it's power source and the orokin alloys (or whatever the cryopods are made out of, I assume they're orokin or tenno) are extremely heavy.

One team member must grab the cryopod and drag it along, but there is a gauntlet waiting for you outside those defense room doors, and the member hauling the cryopod is slowed due to the weight of it (25-50% reduced run speed) and also, they must share their power with the cryopod to keep it's systems running (50% reduced player shields, and half the norm of the shields on the cryopod).


Now for that gauntlet.

Your team MUST protect the carrier/retriever. If the retriever disconnects from the cryopod for more than 5seconds before restoring power to it, the shields will drain, and the pod will begin taking hp damage.

And there is a seriously massive swarm of enemies waiting for you.

While you were getting the cryopod ready for transit, more and more dropships were bringing enemies in, and you must make it back without the cryopod being destroyed or it's mission failed.




And that's the mission!

Let me know what you guys think of it, I think it would be great fun, and a wonderful challenge that require teamwork.

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What about solo players? Perhaps make it hover, and the player must guide it by walking in front and pulling it along via shield connection. Then the 1 player still has a challenge(reduced shields) and it allows for yolosolos to enjoy as well. Great idea though, would definitely play.

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