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Orokin Void Rewards


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Alright since Loki prime's release I've been on my quest to build Loki prime and Bolter prime

Ran Tower 4 survival at least 12 times up to 40 mins each no helmet

Ran tower 3 exterminate at least 20 times and no barrel has dropped. Only frost prime and mag prime drops.

Are the drops for bolter prime accurate at all? Because I've been doing T3 ext non stop and no barrel has dropped for me or does Warframe just hate me.

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Latter, Warframe hates you. This happens a ton, with a ton of people. Your best bet is to not rush it, when the next bunch of primes come out, it will be relatively easy to get your stuff. Eventually...

I feel for you though, in the past I could barely get the last part of ember prime after nearly a hundred runs (friend got it well over a hundred)... after that I've lost all enthusiasm. I play void missions, if stuff drops I'm happy but otherwise I just don't care anymore.

Again, if the current system results such things, it might be high time to open the eyes and fix it. They know about the issue and that this is detrimental towards gameplay experience (and player amount, incoming money, etc.) and mentioned a clever system that eventually gives you what you want - the more frequently an item drops the less it's chance will be the next time, forcing the rarer stuff to drop. Sounds good, would like to see it.


Or a token-like system, dunno, you can break down your prime blueprints you don't need into a single token (dunno, Orokin Research Sample or whatnot), if you get 100 you can get a Loki Prime System for them. A ton, yes, but it's good to show the light to players that even if you are completely out of luck, it will take a lot of time but you will eventually get what you want, whatever happens.

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