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Low Fps Help?


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Hello people :) I wonder why warframe is going so bad on my PC even tho I run BF4 at 90-100fps which is way more demanding and it often goes under 25fps at Defense or Survival mission well even on some normal ones too..

Here are my PC specs:

i5-4670(non k)

Sapphire HD7950 /w Boost 850/1250 stock and I OC'd it to 1150/1500 (it didnt make a difference at all)

HyperX Beast 8GB Ram CL9 1600mhz XMP


I don't know if its just bad optimization but I saw Warframe running on a HD7970(my friend's PC) with a i3 in T3 Defense at 30+ waves with always 60fps (the cool part is that he didn't even OC his GPU and my HD7950 OC's is atleast 10% stronger than his stock speed HD7970) I would be really glad if someone could help me cause I really enjoy this game and I even tought selling this card to buy a NVidia one because everyone is saying that its the best for Warframe.


I have no viruses , gaming mode antivirus a few programs running in the background...


I need help ASAP :( Even on everything low I still have these fps drops :((((

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Well, first I'm going to ask about drivers. Are they updated? Try that first. Always do.


Secondly, it might be so that Warframe is best adapted by Nvidia, yes. I have a 560Ti, always at a steady 60fps (all settings at High), unless I get bombarded by PhysX effects in the face, them I might drop down to 40.

With the rest of your rig looking pretty fresh, I'd say it's probably due to a beta game might just not be well optimised for your graphics card, sorry to say it.

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Sadly, my friend had a similar problem only recently. It ended up as a mix of a malfunctioning CPU (which I doubt is your problem), and the game just being awkward with his hardware. My guess it that your Sapphire GPU is just flat out incompatible with the game, as the developers have focused on compatibility with NVidia products and have not payed much thought to other types of GPUs. I am using an AMD 5500 CPU (Not quite on par with an i3 but still good), with a GTX 750 Ti and 10GB of RAM. Runs at 90 FPS with PhysX on. I suggest your contact a support representative and give them your problem. They have probably been given a similar problem within the life of this game. Best of luck.

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Thx guys for the replies and yes I have all my drivers updated  :(( and why I can reach only a max of 60fps I don't have Vsync on (S#&$ty vsync just makes the game bad)?

Alrighty! Whenever I have issues it's always the pesky drivers. I always forget to update them..


I don't know, man. We Nvidia customers have everything served on a silver plate, so to say, hence we don't have much experience when it comes to problems with graphics in Warframe. But yes, just as Baconweaver suggested, you might want to speak to someone at Support about it.

They can answer any question and they'll do anything they can to help you. :)

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I have no idea how can this be happening: bf4 on 90 - 100 and warframe drops below 25...


I guess it's cause of optimization. I have an AMD system as well, but I don't have that kind of a problem, I can run bf4 60 - 80 no problem and warframe runs just as fine...


Although, there are a couple of things you could do:

When you start up warframe's launcher, go to settings and enable: 64-bit mode (if you have 64bit windows) and Multi-Threaded Rendering (you can also switch between different DirectX versions, see if that changes anything)


And here's another thing: 

I think you know xFactorGaming, this is one of his videos about a thing called Core-Parking: 

watch this video and follow his steps, not only this did increase my battlefield 4 performance, but I also got about 10 - 15 frame increase in all other games.

(This only applies to win7 and win8)

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aight, cool.


now I'm thinkin', when's the last time you've update your motherboard Chipset and BIOS drivers, since these two parts are responsable for communication between your GPU and CPU, updating them may help a bit as well...




But, if you're not confident enough with your own ability to navigate BIOS and not mess things up (because messing them up WILL result in a complete system failure and a puff of smoke) don't do it.

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so, are you saying disbling Core Parking has 'resolved' your performance issue, or has only improved it?


because with that combination of hardware, i'd expect you to average in the 200FPS range, not 60.


however, GPU issues are unlikely, as GPU usage in Warframe is trivial at best. my GPU is usually pretty close to idle temps while playing Warframe, because it's at ~19% utilization(of a GTX 760) in matches.


however, high Video Settings and such does use more vRAM, and all of them set to high does use ~1200MB of vRAM at ~1080p.

so a 1Gig card doesn't cut it with all of those settings at the top, because it's over 1 Gig, and then moves to System Shared which is lightyears slower than vRAM.

but you also mention issues persisting on lower settings, so vRAM is highly unlikely the issue, since i doubt the 7950 was ever sold in a 512MB model.


Ah, yes, If you're overclocking and etc. updating BIOS may cause some problems.

should be just fine, if you're feeling sketchy, reset to defaults before flashing the BIOS.

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