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What About A New Trading And Matchmaking System?


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I noticed due my long time i played warframe, that the trading and the matchmaking system are not effective enough.

I mean you can wait the whole day to find someone who want trade with you, when you dont own some platinum, or as player you must write hunderts of people an invite request, so that you can play a round against Vay Heck and get close to the hydroid frame.

The new system should enable that you can say "im hosting this xx mission" and its gathers the players ,who want to play this kind of mission and are on a similar level than you, in your mission lobby. The same would go for the trading system, you say just "i want buy or trade mod/part/blueprint/ for xx platinum " and it connects you to the people willing to sell them.


But thats just my opinion, do you agree too?

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Yep. It's getting tiresome with people spamming both "WTB Loki Prime helmet" and "Hosting ODD" in their respective chats.

But I do believe the devs have been talking about matchmaking improvements lately. Let's hope for the best.

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