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Mars: Martialis Bugged!


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I have played this level twice! Its a spy mission where you collect 4 data things - simple right?


Well the first time i played each player picked one up, we got all the way to the end and then someone disconnected, the map did not show us where the data thing was and when we reached extraction it just kept saying bring all 4 data things, i think we had 2 on us at the time...


2nd time i was with my team and before we could even reach the data things we arrived to an un'openable door, no way to access the terminal/pad thing plus there were enemy's on the other side - i tried blade smashing and may have killed two but the door would not open


Can you fix this level please! or change it from spy to something else, i would like to progress


Thank You

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also, one player can carry all data masses at once. no need to spread them accros all players.


blocked doors sometimes happen after hull breaches. try to cause another one and seal it. this helps most of the time. if not restart the mission.

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