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  1. His relics will be farmable until he's vaulted. Last vaulted Prime is Hydroid that was released in August 2017. He was vaulted in June 2019.
  2. Prime Vault Accessories cost only 20$. And you get a second cosmetic (for Nyx it's Vala Sugatra Prime) and 200 plat.
  3. This would create unlimited relics loophole.
  4. Umm, what? The "excuse" as you call it is far from lazy. They would have to rework ALL 52 melee animation stances (and stances have 5-10 combos) just for this Warframe. That's ludicrous amount of work. Melee combat includes a lot of footwork. Floating melee combat would probably look even more weird than it does now.
  5. Unfortunately they addressed this in a devstream some time ago. Geoff said that it isn't going to happen. They would have to redo ALL of the stances. That's 52 different animation sets.
  6. I don't think Spy mission are a good example. They are easy to do with any frame or even with your operator. That means you can achieve similar results with different frames. You cannot achieve similar results with other archwings and k-drives when compared to Itzal. Also I don't think Itzal is underpowered in regular archwing modes. Back in the day I used it all the time. Blink in solo Interception missions, stealth to dodge incoming rockets, cosmic crush to pull/kill enemies or finish them with melee etc.
  7. Interesting logic. I guess everything should be as tanky as Inaros and Nidus. Everything should be as "room-clearing" as Saryn and Equinox. Right? It's not bad to be good. It's bad to be overwhelmingly overpowered. There is literally 0 incentive to use anything else but Itzal when moving around Plains and Vallis. Also they didn't just remove coptering and leave it at that. They replaced coptering with bullet-jumping. I would expect something similar in this case.
  8. I have to agree with Scott on this one. Itzal is just coptering 2.0
  10. I turned on DX11 and so far so good. I didn't even know I had it off... PS: My FPS in Orb Vallis went from 50 to 90. Why didn't you break DX9 sooner? 😅
  11. That would be great but in the meantime you can just type the time in google search and it will tell you the time for you. You don't have to search on websites.
  12. You do realize that Ember is fire themed warframe, right? The lights are orange-ish and not red, the walls are red and not white with red curtains, there are no Red Veil symbols, the trees are "normal" and not mutated. I understand that it might seem similar since Red Veil is also fire themed.
  13. Any progress on Garuda? Which deluxe skins can we expect after Nezha's? Tennogen 14 accepted pieces? Possible Riven dispositions changes (e.g. Tiberon Prime)?
  14. Nova's Null Star has damage reduction but it doesn't reduce damage to her shields.
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