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  1. Problem is that the operator "death" animation takes so long that by the time you get to control your warframe you are dead.
  2. You could have announced the weapons on stream. What's the point of keeping it a secret for a little over an hour?
  3. Like I said in my other comment we didn't know they would reimburse people with Grandma tokens. I think most people assumed (myself included) they would give people Mother tokens that can't be used to buy the other captura scenes.
  4. But you only need 3 Seriglass Shards in total - for Trumna, Sepulcrum and Quassus. Also we didn't know they would give us Grandma tokens, they could have given us Mother tokens.
  5. I still don't understand why you decided to do this considering that the people who reached Rank 5 Entrati at that point don't really need the extra standing...But it's cool that you listen to your players.
  6. I'm not sure but I assume they've added it with the new UI. I did rank up over a week ago and didn't claim the reward. We know that the update is not done and that more stuff will get added - for example infested kitguns are coming soonTM to Father. This isn't even a reward that I expected them to add. We know that infested kitguns will be added soon so I was waiting for their parts.
  7. You weren't forced to choose the fish trophy reward. You can simply exit the reward screen and you will be able to redeem the reward whenever you want. https://imgur.com/ak7ulSE
  8. This certainly isn't what I expected...
  9. I have completed quite a lot of vaults, searched them from top to bottom but I didn't find a single one. If they work like Cetus Wisp then I suspect they might escape while you fight.
  10. You shouldn't judge if you don't know what you are talking about. Ixidron92 explained it well. The only thing I would add is that animals can randomly spawn in the Drift - but good luck with that. I have spent two hours farming tags and I couldn't buy a single token.
  11. The random economy is also terrible. You can currently trade 16 tags for 1 token...What an amazing deal!
  12. Rotation B and C give 50 endo even though official drop table says rotation B should give 150 and rotation C 300.
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