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  1. Rotation B and C give 50 endo even though official drop table says rotation B should give 150 and rotation C 300.
  2. More like for those who don't get trade banned for farming Steel Essence... I'm blind.
  3. Who is saying that DE said made some prime order? Last swap was Atlas/Wukong which most people assumed was because Wukong got a rework. The one before that was Zephyr/Mirage which was after Mirage received some Sleight of Hand changes. People could start seeing a pattern in what DE does and expect certain things.
  4. What are you even talking about? Not to mention that Nezha's PA will be over before the Chinese New Year even begins.
  5. I don't want a nuker. I want Nezha Prime... Nezha is also a tank. I think hardmode and Inaros Prime being released almost together is just a coincidence. This PA was most likely supposed to be a Tennocon announcement. Hardmode probably wasn't even on the table when they made the decision.
  6. Ah yes, please introduce me to the people that play Inaros for damage. Because I don't think I have met any. 90% of Inaros builds I have seen are indestructible/immortal/invincible/untouchable etc. the other 10% were Sandstorm memes.
  7. He is popular because he is the barely-any-attention-required-frame. Glorifying AFK shouldn't be the marketing you want...
  8. Lazy Healthbar Prime - what a disappointment.
  9. Didn't realize that. However it was not the first time the order was swapped. Zephyr/Mirage and Oberon/Hydroid got swapped.
  10. In the last 2 years they only swapped Atlas and Wukong. So I'm really hopeful for Nezha.
  11. It's closing on July 22. RIP Mixer, no Tennocon for you.
  12. But that's the thing. Exalted weapons are weak when compared to other weapons. It would be just an overall massive buff. So you are proposing changes without even knowing how some things work? I never said I liked Saryn. We definitely don't need another one. What different effect?
  13. Most Zaws, Kronen Prime, Orthos Prime, Redeemer Prime, Nikana Prime and many more. Imagine Valkyr being invicible with a polearm that has range of 5.5 (with Primed Reach) or even more with a Riven. Excalibur with "exalted" Kronen Prime would be crazy as well. Ah sorry, I thought you meant exalted system in general. But how about Baruuk? The waves do all the work so what's the point of having a different melee weapon?
  14. Balance. People would obviously equip the most OP stuff they have and let's not forget Rivens. How would Ivara work? Would she be forced to have a bow?
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