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Cannot Login To Warframe


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I was doing the level 13 Master Rank test and my router had a hardware issue right as I completed the test. Apparently a cord came unplugged and I lost internet connection. It booted me to the login screen and after I fixed my internet connection I can no longer login to Warframe. Even after restarting it still gives me the "Login Failed. Check your info" error. My info is good, password and email are good, internet is good, but I think Warframe broke.


A bit off topic but this is about the fourth time that I've lost internet connection during a Master Rank test, and it is extremely frustrating because I fail the test and have to wait another 24 hours to do it again. I think there needs to be some sort of fix so that if you lose your connection you can have a chance to fix it before you disconnect from the game you are in. This would be extremely helpful in long endless missions like ODD or T4 survival where you are trying to survive for an extended period but one disconnect will ruin it. Having a chance to reconnect to the game would be a life saver.

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