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Burston Prime W/ Heavy Cal?



From what I've seen, based on warframe-builder, the Burston Prime has extremely high potential for sustained DPS, even higher so than a Boltor Prime with the same mod loadout. However, everyone's been telling me horror stories about its accuracy with Heavy Caliber, so I was wondering if anyone has had actual experience with this and wouldn't mind sharing some advice.

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The builder, and all theoretical dps sites, like dps frame as well, calculates burst and sustained dps for burstfire weapons incorrectly. The only accurate value is the damage per shot (or in warframebuilder's case, damage per burst).


This is because all burstfire weapons have a hidden statistic used to value the time before you can fire another burst. Sites like warframebuilder use the RoF to calculate DPS but are forced to ignore the refire time because it is not provided by DE. If you go in game with an unmodded Burston Prime, it will take longer than 4.5 seconds to empty the magazine, which is what the 10 fire rate implies (and is used for the burst and sustained calculations). It gets even more impossible to calculate when you realize there's a 'sweet spot' which can reduce this refire time.


It's still a good gun, but you have to take the burst+sustained with a grain of salt and understand its anywhere from 25-40% less than displayed.

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