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  1. I'll admit I laughed. I have no use for so-called 'speed runners'. I don't mod for runspeed. I don't play the game to skip things that can be shot. I'm there to shoot stuff. The mission is an excuse to be there to shoot stuff. There are things I need, but I'll get them eventually regardless of what I do. If you insist on leaving the team behind, I will make you wait at extract.
  2. Junctions are a bit after my time. I can see where they could flummox new players, but by the time they were introduced to the game they were trivial to me. Nevertheless, I've dealt with more formidable specters in the solar rails when they were a thing and a couple of things carry over when confronting them. One is to simply use Trinity. Link then attack. Dead specter. Of course, the Trinity specter can do this (and I saw a LOT of teams die to this in the rail days), but PC Trinity >> NPC Trinity, assuming any mod depth at all. It works even better on any other specter. After all, you are reflecting their attacks and you have 75% DR. Throw in Blessing and, well, it's over. Another is to use Valkyr. Pop the claws and go in swinging. A triple umbral Valk doesn't even have to bother with this, but if you have such a thing you shouldn't need advice dealing with specters. Anything with a high degree of damage resistance or avoidance. If they can't hit you or only do trivial damage when they do, then dealing with them becomes very simple. There are many 'frames that meet this criteria.
  3. I just use what I like. I tend to like what works across a variety of situations. When it comes down to it there are about a dozen weapons I go to when the going might get a little dicey. Otherwise, I just use what I find fun. Primaries are where the work gets done, but I tend to run either the BratonP or Prisma Grakata if nothing in particular is required. More dakka is more better. The latter is especially ferocious and, yes, there's a riven involved. Secondaries almost don't matter to me. They're there for fashion as much as anything. There are a few exceptions and I have been fond of the Twin Gremlins for a very long time (back when they had armor ignore...), so the PTGs tend to get chosen a lot just because--and they're very powerful weapons. More dakka, etc. Melee...eh. Several 'frames require stat-sticks, so that's what they use. Otherwise, see secondaries. Often they're chosen for visuals, but there are a few I'm fond of just because. The DKP fall under that category and I'll often run them when I don't have anything specific in mind. A few 'frames can accelerate melee attacks hugely. Those I tend to go with slow, hard hitting weapons because they don't stay slow for long and the hitting only gets harder. Lastly, there are warframes that aren't particularly weapon dependent. They can run whatever and still get the job done because of what they themselves bring to the party. There are a lot of weapons in the game. A lot I simply don't like, no matter how good or poor they may be. I use what I like and use the better guns from what I like when I expect things to get exciting. Simple as that.
  4. You'll like ZephyrP. She's just more and a lot easier to color. You also won't have to deal with the chicken feet anymore.
  5. What I was wondering about. All the story I recall was on a separate website and not available in the game. What was in the game was a, "What the hell...?!?" kind of experience. Not good in a game that ostensibly aspires to a deep story involving the player character (yes, I'm laughing as I type this). It was this sort of thing that contributed to both my and my friends' exit from the game.
  6. This depends. If it's survival and the team just shot out like a covey of quail to the four corners of the map, I don't feel any compunction against looting lockers to my heart's content. If the team goes full-bore rushrushrush and leaves members behind, then I tend to switch to loot mode and start rifling lockers and the like. Same goes for abandoning the team at elevators. I'm not aggravating my repetitive stress injuries chasing squirrels through the tile set. You can wait at extraction. It's a matter of context and it goes both ways.
  7. Yeah, it's worth it. It's a peculiar weapon, but when it comes to flash, it has no peer. I had issues with the farm as well. My main problem was the chain. Thing simply would not drop. I got the other stuff fairly quickly. I got relics no problem. The chain blueprint though...couldn't find it with a search warrant. Just the way of things. Of course, it did eventually drop, but I had long lost track of how many relics I'd gone through. It was on the back burner at the time and it just appeared when pairing an unupgraded relic with someone else in a mission that chose a radiant. Luck is where you find it. Now about that Tipedo Prime handle...
  8. ARPG. Action Role Playing Game. WF has more in common with Diablo than World of Warcraft. Obviously, Destiny is of that ilk as well, though its presentation is different from WF.
  9. Could be. Or they were lying to the public in general about what their real motivations were. That's not terrorism. That's what oppression and exploitation looks like. They're keeping the boot on the neck of the debt colony to keep them where they are. Be glad you're tenno and Unauthorized.
  10. Was wondering that myself. Since we're all unfulfilled when it comes to reasons for not buying the Atlas PA, I'll step into the breach. I won't by buying the Atlas PA because I almost never buy PAs. I like farming my stuff up and buying it actually deprives you of gameplay. The only PA I ever bought was the Valkyr one because I wanted the forum avatar. That's it. I might, however, buy the accessories pack. I kinda like that syandana. Need to actually see one first, but...kinda liking it. We'll see. 😉
  11. Zeph has high base stats to both health and shields, so they'll be relatively high no matter what. I have a couple of builds for her, but I believe I mostly use Primed Vigor. The problem with Zephyr is you usually don't take hits. When you do, though, they tend to be heavy since you have very little armor and no DR--no way to harden your shields outside of having a Trinity or Gara in your back pocket. If you only can or will use only one survivability mod, then it'd be Vitality. ZephyrP does have more energy so she could go the Quick Thinking route, especially as getting hit is pretty uncommon. Guns are guns. You're going to have lots, so it's a matter of finding what you like and getting them up to speed with modding. One good thing about Zeph is since you rarely get hit, you have time to use slower, more powerful weapons. You can also close the range very quickly, so relatively short ranged weapons aren't any kind of real handicap. Lastly, with the Jet Stream aug, you can accelerate projectile weapons enormously. This has a variety of implications in weapon selection and modding. Lastly, Zephyr is energy hungry. She tend to use quite a bit, so conserving it or using weapons that replenish it is something to seriously consider. An example would be running a Supra (or Supra Vandal) with the syndicate mod for energy replenishment, combined with Jet Stream to increase projectile velocity. The results, especially with the Supra Vandal, are gratifying.
  12. It's pretty. It has very good shooter control--for a console game. Which is to say, it doesn't entirely suck using a controller. Past that it's a bland, homogenized experience. Where it goes from here will be interesting, but I'm betting the present acorn doesn't fall too far from the previous tree. Any hopes I have going forward for Bungie is on their next game, not the present bungled pablum.
  13. I've been playing her quite a bit lately. Not for any particular reason, just because. She's that kind of 'frame. Essentially, Zephy is a gun platform. Her strengths are mobility, a shield that deflects virtually all incoming fire (but not melee--keep that in mind), a short range ragdoll CC ability, and a hard CC ability with damage that pretty much does what it wants--and not necessarily what you want. I've built her mostly around the capability to withstand extreme fire and just keep moving and shooting. You want duration and some degree of efficiency. Strength is nice, but can be overlooked if necessary. Same with range. Since you won't get hit much (at least ideally), you don't really need to go far into survivability mods, but you'll want some because you will stumble into AoE and melee enemies will occasionally blindside you. You use Turbulence to keep from getting shot (still have to be wary of AoE attacks). You use Tailwind to get around and to get out of dicey situations now. You use Airburst to scrape determined enemies off of you or to hinder whatever they may be getting up to. You use Tornado to control an area and immobilize enemies in that area--just keep in mind it moves around. A lot. There are subtleties to all these abilities, but those are the essentials. While this is going on, you shoot stuff. Bring your good weapons, because you'll be using them a lot. Like many support or control 'frames, Zeph relies on her weapons to do the vast majority of her damage.
  14. Yes and no. Although we could do everything in the game even before rivens, it's easier to do it after them. Especially when you have to carry a team for whatever reason. You're never going to have a WoW/EQ style endgame. It's simply not going to happen the way this game is configured. The most you might ask for are difficulty sliders similar to what you see in Diablo 3. DE hasn't really telegraphed where they're planning on going with all this. At a guess, we might get a clue with the PoD.
  15. I'm hoping it does just that. CC will become significant again--or so one hopes. I already almost exclusively use autotrigger guns, so I'm used to shooting something until it folds. On the other hand, we don't really want bullet sponges. Those simply get tedious. It's a fine line. I'm not worried about it. We'll see what happens and adjust accordingly.
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