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  1. Armor removing powers then mod for viral/bleed. The gun has high status and high base damage for an autotrigger gun. It has enough crit to be useful, but if you're short on mod slots, that's the first to ignore. If you have to strip armor, then you run corrosive. It's possible to hit very high status chance in this gun and it will strip armor very quickly. Keeping ammo supply going used to be kind of an issue--you do have to shoot stuff quite a bit--but with the weapon exilus slot, you should be covered pretty well.
  2. I've started thinking about Hunow as something similar to Morgoth in the Silmarillion. I think he's still around. He seems to be a distributed intelligence. I think he diminishes as he spreads himself thinner and thinner with each new scheme he concocts and especially as it fails. He's been expending a lot of energy lately butting heads with the tenno and largely getting nowhere. Eventually, he'll fade away, especially if the sentients as a group see some serious defeats, diminishing numbers and capability substantially.
  3. Not sure I'd call it fun. It does tend to make everyone a bit more careful, but you frequently get That Guy. I just either play Valkyr or Trinity and call it good. Valkyr is largely immune to any bad behavior and Trinity, well, if they're foolish enough to attack you when linked then they'll get a taste of what clan Solar Rails were like back when.
  4. Depends on some things like what you're doing and what you're actually willing to tolerate. A defense where you're just hanging out, particularly if you're playing something more passive like Octavia, one can tolerate more delay than if you're in a fast moving mission or playing a 'frame that requires a lot of upkeep (Trinity). Problems for me start around 225ms. I can tolerate 250 and below and not really much notice any issues. Once it climbs past 250 we start seeing increasing input delays and 350+ just becomes more and more difficult to deal with. If it's the host that's the issue, when ping begins to exceed 350-400ms regularly you'll frequently see a host migration or even them disconnecting (then the migration). If the game stays at around 400+ without much variation, that's when I quit since the game is largely unplayable at that point.
  5. This would work. I'd personally like to see something somewhat different, but that's detail. What Nyx fundamentally needs is more survivability, less clunk, and support for higher damage output for something. What isn't important, just something. I'd prefer her not being a dedicated pet class, more buff/debuff interaction with her abilities, and a passive that works to her advantage in a predictable fashion. Her CC should be of a harder nature, considering where the game is right now. That's what she needs.
  6. Community still doesn't care about it. It continues to languish.
  7. Bug infested mess. Give it a few months and it'll probably shape up considerably. The potential is there, but it needs some serious code fumigation before it can be realized. Comparisons to Inquisitor: Martyr are apt. It's going to need a similar degree of refinement before it's ready for primetime.
  8. If it's bad for the game, it ain't fun. It's not fun when you have people bringing 10/10 Ignis Wraiths and such to starchart missions. There's no point in being there at that point. I largely no longer do any mission in MP that isn't an endless mode. You don't need teammates for CC. You don't need them for healing support. You don't even need them for damage. It's largely because of massive AoE damage that covers most of the map--and that includes melee and isn't even getting into WF abilities. It's a problem.
  9. Well, they're obviously around, so you have to deal with them. A little foresight could have avoided the situation. It has happened before in other similar games. Still, it's water under the bridge. You deal with them now by nerfing the bejeezus out of them. It's never too late to rein in the madness. It's also easy to do: just nerf the range of the area of effect.
  10. Which I think is a mistake. Frankly, I think these sorts of weapons never should have been part of the game to begin with. They're properly crew-served support weapons or individual weapons of very limited power to support small units. You can already see issues with them when it's almost a guarantee you'll see an Ignis Wraith in any PuG and the only question is how many will actually show up. If they're modded correctly, you'll wonder why you're even there at anything below lvl50 content. This isn't good for the game. Something has to offset this, or they'll rapidly become the only weapons you'll ever see--just like in PSO.
  11. Pretty much. There are a few situations where they are useful, but warframe ability powercreep and DE actively removing areas where they were very useful has left them in an odd place. The danger is if you make AoE weapons too powerful they will rapidly eclipse all other weapons and become the default choice for everything. You don't have to look any further than PSO to see where that leads. Self-damage is one way to offset this, at least to some degree.
  12. From what I've seen in the field, the answer is a big "yes"! I don't have much of an opinion one way or the other on this weapon. I still think AoE weapons of any sort are very heavily over-represented in the game and are way too strong compared to single target weapons. Self-damage offsets this somewhat, but it's still a rabbit hole DE shouldn't be going down.
  13. Not entirely, but I don't find the lich system all that inspiring. They can be fun when combined with pre-made teams, especially clan ones, that just go out and hunt everyone's liches. MP makes everything better, yes? On one's own...not so much. I don't like them combined with other mission reqs when running solo. It's just a nuisance and PuGs can't be relied upon to get much of anything done reliably. The best time I've had with them is stalking them with Ivara in spy missions then punching their tickets.
  14. I can't even remember what MR I presently am. I think it's 23. It matters that much to me. As for how long to the next one? No clue at all. I finished the Ivara prime access a week or so ago, so one warframe and two weapons closer than I was. I can safely say I'll pick up one more before the end of the year.
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