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  1. Was always my assumption. It's pretty clear the Corpus are into cloning. Not as much as the Grineer, but they seem to be better at it. The robotics are far more prevalent and make up the difference. What we've seen recently is a subgroup of enhanced corpus clones. These are the new shiny and are being cranked out at a prodigious rate. That's what we've been running into more and more of late. Keep in mind that as tenno we're on the outside looking in. There are factions of corpus and not all see eye to eye on everything. We simply show up and get a snapshot of what they're up
  2. Well, we know their order of introduction to the game. Excaliber was "first", though the RPC shows that at least a few other prototypes were being worked on before they became warframes as we know them. It's never really been directly addressed. Safe to say that they're all quite old compared to where we are now.
  3. Wish it were as simple as a 'fake' Blizzard. The main issue is this woke/converged Blizzard isn't even the Blizzard of ten years ago, much less that of Blizzard North in their heyday. I'm waiting for reviews, since I'm pretty sure Blizzard is going to screw this up. They simply can't help themselves. I played D2 a lot back in the day. I'm sorta intereseted in D2R, but there's a very strong been there; done that vibe going on. I'm curious which D2 we'll get. I'd much rather have v1.09 rather than the later ones. A lot of sub-classes and builds got sidelined by v1.10 and later.
  4. The golden days were when Blessing gave full invulnerability. To everyone. Everywhere. Trinity is fine as she is nowadays. She's unstoppable as long as you're paying attention to what's going on. The only real issues--and they're pretty minor--are the borderline useless Well of Life and her passive. WoL is an old issue and it does have some (slight) utility. You won't use it much, but it can help teammates and it's a durable Link anchor on demand. She's in good company with a passive that isn't particularly useful in a practical sense, but it does work and it doesn't hurt
  5. I recall it from rather a lot of psych classes on college. I suspect one of my early profs was a disciple. Thing is, he wasn't wrong.
  6. Just another day when dealing with RNG drop tables. I have yet to see an Axi O5 drop, much less the blueprint. Granted, I haven't tried that hard, but it's been on the chore list for some time--and no drops.
  7. There are a lot of guns I like. Usage stats don't lie, though. It's the Braton Prime. I'd wanted one (badly) since I first started the game--it only predated me a short time. Getting one took some doing, but once I had it there was no turning back. It's still the go-to weapon unless circumstances dictate something else.
  8. DE has always done good music. If DE wants to turn Nora into Three Dog, hey, I'm totally fine with it.
  9. Once upon a time, they did. At least as often as not. The past is a another country. They do things differently there. Nowadays, spy missions are solo only. I don't recall the last time I did one in public, but I seem to remember serial failures, which prompted the 'solo-only' policy.
  10. Just won a bet with myself. Some things never change.
  11. Your words. It's not just you, it's been a trend for quite awhile. Some people do treat the game this way: they look for ways not to play the game while playing the game. Never understood this. Getting used to the present incarnation of Saryn took some mental recalibration, but once you get her dialed back in I never had a problem with her mechanics. It just flows naturally from what I normally do--but I'm here to play the game, not avoid doing the same.
  12. Apparently, playing Warframe is a chore since so many seem intent on avoiding playing as much of the game as possible. Spores is easy. Just don't be in a hurry. The rushrushRUSH mentality is counterproductive in so many ways. You should have Toxic Lash up first thing. Then pick your victim to cast Spores. Kill that target and then things get interesting--assuming more victims are in range. Once you see numbers everywhere, you're good to go. Rinse, repeat. If you've got a fair number of infected targets and a large spawn coming in, then Miasma is on the table to really get the
  13. This subject has been brought up so many times. Nyx works well enough at present. The new psychic bolts is devastatingly effective. Everything else pretty much is as it was. The issue is she now has competing requirements to maximize ability effectiveness. In other words, you have to give up range for her CC to power her new PB. That means Nyx has two problems. Less range for her (soft) defensive abilities and her innate defense is practically nil--125 armor means bupkiss on it's own. I'd like to see her CC made harder and I'd like to see more attention paid to her passive de
  14. Just you. There's always one piece of any new prime that has to be troublesome. For me it's the stock. Just no luck--and the relic itself has been dodgy on drop chances to say nothing of opening it. Of course, just to put it in perspective I've only cracked about a dozen relics. It's only bad when compared to the other parts which pretty much fell out of the first relic you shook. Just the way of it and can't get too excited about it. Yet. Now compared to the Octavia Prime blueprint--where I haven't even seen the relic drop--things really don't look so bad.
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