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  1. Nyx was notoriously hard to color well. Large swaths of her were fixed and difficult to work around. Her Immortal skin could help quite a bit with this back in the day. Now, of course, you have many other options. Nyx Prime, however, is still one of the best looking prime warframes and very easy to tune to whatever your eye deems attractive.
  2. Can't speak to the OP's motivations, but potentially you never lose an argument on the internet. There's always the last word and secret king is always right. Just the way of it. Regardless, OP now knows what he didn't know, so it's all good.
  3. It'll be her or Gara. Bets on Octavia, but since we're past the holidays either could crop up.
  4. It'll happen. It'll also potentially be one of the very best sentinels when it does.
  5. Mostly this. However, some PAs do run long /coughTrinity/cough, and Nezha Prime looks to run a bit long hisownself. Still, OctaviaP will be along sooner rather than later and I'm looking forward to her a great deal. I'm really curious where DE will take the art with her. I suspect it's going to be very interesting.
  6. I don't really agree with this, since what she does, she does quite well. The problem is you really don't need what she does for most gameplay you'll be indulging in. Also, her rework was botched and she has issues with modding due to conflicting needs for her abilities. Her abilities are meant to complement each other (and have a get-out-of-jail-free card), but they no longer can because of the conflicts in stat priorities. It's awkward. It's also unfortunate, because she used to be one of my most used and favorite 'frames, but she's been on the back burner since the rework.
  7. The use of that word...not surprising at all. It takes maybe another few minutes and the objective won't be at risk. This is assuming the mission goes that far, which it probably won't, so, again, why bother? Why complicate the mission and court a fail state? There's no reason to in a PuG.
  8. It is extra work. My main objection is I have to unlearn almost 10 years of reflexive aim to deal with one special snowflake. If I KNOW there's going to be one, then steps can be taken (I'll just take Octavia and everything else takes care of itself). I don't care about the damage buff. In most PuGs it won't even be a factor, so why bother? If the game does go on long enough for it to be a factor, then the objective (or you, depending on mission type) is at risk since it's a PuG and chances are no one can control the speed buffed enemies. Lose/lose. It's simply a bad ide
  9. It's not that it can't be handled, it's that it's a damned nuisance and totally unnecessary. It's extra work and for no advantage. It's one thing in a dedicated group. There's no reason for it in a PuG.
  10. There's no reason to bring anything but a slow Nova to a PuG. Period. You can't count on your teammates doing anything right. You hope, but you can't count on it. The scaling of the game means it probably won't be anything more than a nuisance, but why take the chance? It's risky and unnecessary unless it's a dedicated team comp meant to exploit the speed Nova and mitigate the deficiencies inherent in one. I don't even begin to care about your coloration. I probably won't even look at you past identifying you as a non-hostile. Your own eyes are the only ones at risk.
  11. No. I don't mind some of the peripheral mission types, but I don't spend much time on them because they pall very quickly. If I have to spend more than an hour on them, I start thinking I'd rather be doing something else. Anything else.
  12. Ah, that'd be almost a textbook definition of evil. What I would like to see is the ability to actually manipulate our armory and display our stuff, particularly the warframes, in real time. Introducing people to the game, but being unable to actually show what stuff that is being used can look like is a bit of missed opportunity.
  13. Haven't seen the series, but read the books up to...mm...spoilers, I guess...up to the exploitation of the gate. It's a good read up to that point. The story goes a bit off the rails after that, but I don't think the series is going to go there. The protomolecule is some seriously creepy stuff and I did think of our own infestation right off. However--spoilers again, sorta--it's not what it appears to be and things take some pretty radical narrative turns after it hits Venus. People keep telling me I should watch it and I'd like to, but time, time, ask for anything but time.
  14. It's handy for what it is. The potential for so much more is there, but presently it merely touches on a few peripheral functions. You can get along just fine without it, but it's kinda nice to have on occasion.
  15. Mmm, some. Philosophically, I have all sorts of problems with this, but I'm not in the biz either so I don't have to deal with making a living under what's going on. There are very real upsides and downsides, but I'm not privy to any specifics, so... That brings us to the game itself. As a gamer playing the game on a regular basis, I have very little thought about it. If nothing material changes, I'm good. If the game degenerates because of it, I'm out. That's really about all anyone can say regarding WF and what direction it's going in. For now, I'm good.
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