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  1. I consider this self-selection. Morons removing themselves from potential future interactions. There's no downside.
  2. No price = seller must not want to sell. This applies to many things. In this particular case, it's a fishing expedition and I have neither the time or patience to deal with this sort of nonsense. Since someone else brought it up, if you're feeling froggy, then lowball it. Biggly. The "negotiation" probably won't go anywhere useful, but some slight entertainment value might be had.
  3. Depends how you use your laptop. If you're a real road warrior and it's always on the move, yeah, it's probably too much gear. However, if you're like most laptop owners, it's usually in one spot and only moves occasionally. Then it's an option when the laptop is docked and doing its desktop replacement thing. That's how mine works. It's attached to a much more usable keyboard and a much more visual monitor--and a decent mouse (two in this case). It's slower and less precise. I have people--usually crossovers from consoleland--tell me, "It's just as good as...". No, it's not. Controllers have their virtues, but speed and precision of aim isn't one of them. I've proved this to my satisfaction many times in PC games where a fellow player is using a controller and they're significantly slower on target and waste far more ammo for the same number of hits--to the point they inevitably comment on it. I also know how I am with them and how stark the difference in performance is when it comes to shooting. Movement is where the controller shines with its analog input, but that's best in different games from shooters. Aim assist can help if it's coded well (BL3, ME3) and there are always AoE weapons, but the former is still slower and the latter, well, it's just sidestepping the problem.
  4. If it was your kill, you'd have killed it. There's no kill stealing. If you have difficulty getting abilities ramped up, then the enemies don't require that level of effort to deal with. In other words, you're fiddling while your teammates are running the table. Bad game design? Eh, maybe, but we all know--or should know--why this is as it is. The game is quite old at this point and progression of, well, about everything has trivialized much of the base game. If you're anywhere near a maxed out progression with mods, forma, catalysts/reactors, arcanes, and a bevy of other whatsits, then much of the star chart isn't going to be a particular challenge. Congrats. You've won the game.
  5. Too long; didn't read. Much. Also, we've been here before. What's amazing to me is people get so bent out of shape over trade chat shenanigans. I suppose we have a lot of younger folks that aren't used to dealing with other people in private sales. I'm used to this stuff, since I've dealt with private sales in The Real World quite extensively. I guess it's a matter of growing a thick skin and a low tolerance for BS. When you deal with others, you will run into squirrels. Once a potential negotiation starts to go off the rails, you either restate the parameters to get things back on track or walk. You'll do a lot of walking. It's not worth the lost time dealing with squirrels. The OP seems to have run into a squirrel who had issues with his pricing. So what? You walk. If the guy can't leave it alone, then /ignore and drive on. There'll be others and I certainly don't care what one person thinks about how I price my stuff.
  6. Pioneers take the arrows. I'm in no hurry to jump into Win11. Win10 is just fine for the immediate future. I see no reason at all to upgrade an otherwise functional machine with a new operating system. If you like fiddling with this stuff, feel free, but I need the machine to work and a known quantity is preferred to adventuring in the unknown and dark places of a new OS. I'll switch to Win11 when it's standard issue and it's time for a new box. Until then we stay the course.
  7. I've never been too concerned with MR. There are certain points--it's changed over the years--where you can unlock all the weapons and anything past that point is QoL upgrades. Nice, but hardly necessary. Presently, I'm MR24 (I think) and I've got over 6700 hours in the game. I'm not in any hurry to go further. Most new weapons and even warframes don't interest me much and the bulk of my MR increases come from farming up the PAs as they become available. I've been meaning to get back to kitguns and there are a few new weapons that look mildly interesting, but every time I look at the required resources--frequently with some new BS whatsit or some distinctly unfun farm--it dampens any enthusiasm and I go do something else.
  8. If I could get the seats of my SRT made into gaming chairs, I would. They'd need armrests and a power source for the heating/cooling/adjustments, but I'd do it in heartbeat if it were possible at a non-ruinous price. These things...sometimes when I get home from work, I just sit in the vehicle for five or ten minutes because they're just too comfortable to give up. The most important--and inconvenient--thing about shopping for chairs is it's always best to be able to try them out. Then you know what you're getting into before dropping cash. My present chair is something like 20 years old and still going strong, but it was bought locally after trying out a number of same. It wasn't cheap, but if you're spending hours on end in it, it's worth it in the long run. Nowadays, I'd be looking at the high end ergonomic office chairs. Steelcase has some very nice stuff and it's (mostly) not stupidly expensive. Not cheap by any means, but not well into four figures, either.
  9. Had to laugh. Not wrong, but in the greater scheme of things it's not a terribly big deal. I guess I'm old skool, but water to start the day, transitioning to Coke (caffeine), and later beer (because weekend--skip otherwise), then carbonated water when the caffeine gets a bit much. Gamer chairs, don't get me started, but they're better than a folding chair or a kitchen chair. Don't laugh (too hard), I know people that use that sort of thing. Still one bit of advice I'd pass along is I'd spend at least as much on your chair as major gaming components. If you can fall asleep in your chair and wake up none the worse for wear, you've made the correct choice.
  10. Pretty typical of all ARPGs. Throw in the fact it's a F2P game and there's no real end. Ever. This does create some progression issues, but again that's a typical problem with ARPGs. There were no plans for PvP early on. That was DE caving to the constant pressure from a vocal minority. PvP and PvE can't cooexist comfortably if there's any kind or progression system. The real lesson here is to learn to say "no" to something that doesn't fit into the fundamental game. WF isn't the first game to wind up in this position. PvP has been reworked multiple times and the community mostly just ignores it. People don't come to this game for PvP.
  11. It sure didn't help, but the Moon was the seat of the Orokin government and the Sentients had a pretty good go at it.
  12. Then you nerf AoE and you nerf it hard. It needs to happen. Single target should be far and away superior on single targets. Otherwise, you have a mess like PSO and now WF--people just spamming AoE attacks with no thought to aiming, no thought to actually playing the game. Worse, you've even removed the minor penalties it had before with nonsense like Primed Controller Bandaid, or whatever the 100% less knockdown mod is called. AoE should come with significant penalties or it becomes the norm. Moreover, it completely trivializes CC abilities which sits entire warframes on the bench. At the rate things are going, DE may as well start to implement the mobile paradigm of letting the game play for you.
  13. Had to laugh, but like most good humor there is an element of truth here. It really doesn't matter much. If you like the idea of Grendel, then get him and use him. Ultimately, it's all about the fun.
  14. Nevertheless, that stuff works. Not particularly interested in efficiency. As Elmer Keith said, "Efficiency be damned, it's results that count." The rest has no bearing on the results.
  15. Say what you will about Limbo, but he does synergize with several 'frames. Where he fits in is both covering and supplying with energy 'frames that attack with abilities--AoE abilities (yes, we're here again). Mesa. Forted up with reinforced energy regen makes it like attacking Fort Drum (if it had unlimited ammo and, um, a crew). Octavia. Just hang out with the top hat and what is essentially unlimited energy and break out the jams. Mayhem ensues. Khora. Just like Mesa, but more whip and less guns. And cats. Saryn. Shouldn't have to paint a picture of what this looks like. He can be annoying, but there are synergies.
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