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Introducing The New And Improved Legion Warframe Of Swarms. (Model Updated Color And Textures Will Follow Soon.)


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A crowd controlling glass cannon  his carapace may seem durable but that is not the case, it is hollow and porous housing trillions upon trillions of tiny biomechanical insects under his command he is a living hive, he is Legion.




1 Stinging Swarm, Legion lets loose a volley of insects in a large cone slowly damaging and slowing enemies.


2 Cloaking Swarm, a smaller swarm envelopes Legion emitting a transparent gas capable of bending light around him and rendering him unseen.


3 Nest Egg, Legion fires an egg into an enemy, the egg will begin to drain the enemies health then the egg hatches, imploding the enemy releasing a large swarm of insects that drop health orbs and any allies caught in the swarm will receive an armor buff via a thick viscous material secreted by the insects that hardens but gets brittle after a while and chips off with movement.( multiple eggs can be fired.)


4 Devouring Swarm, Legion erupts with a vast amount of insects that deconstruct any enemies caught in the large radius and re purpose their biomaterial into useful items like energy orbs health orbs or resources, even corpses are deconstructed and re purposed so the more bodies the better.




  Here's a pic of the model (UPDATED) : 






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