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Omg Parkour/movment 2.0 Would Go So Well With Stealth 2.0 ~!~!~!~


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Imagine hanging from railings and grabbing an enemy, throwing them into the abyss :DDD


Or clinging to the ceiling and drop bearing onto unsuspecting foes. 


Hiding in the shadows and pulling in an enemy for an execute.


Chaining a steal kill on multiple enemy's (your skill and smooth moves not an animation but sort of :3)


Wall running, swinging round a pole and smashing into enemies. 


combos that involve backflips and fist and melee and gun but keep you in control.


using grineer as flesh sheilds :P



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Am i the only one who think this game has some of the best movement out, it allows for speed, freedom, and control. The wall running flows so well, the little physics quirks it has allow for awesome air ninja manoeuvres.

The ceiling grabs sound cool though.

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All of this would be fine and dandy but as they said in the livestream they would literally have to go back and make tons and tons and tons of changes to current tilesets. Seeing as we have about a billion different tilesets now this may just be a pipe-dream. They may go back and do it eventually but for now we may just get general tweaks and smoothing out of what we have now to make it look more fluid and sexy looking.


An example being are the ledges you can grab on to in the new infested tilesets. If they were to go and put something like hanging on to edges and shimmying back and forth it wouldn't really work out too well. They would literally have to go in there and figure out how to make that look good. I would love to see stuff like this though lol AND THE KNOCK DOWN SPIN KICK TO GET UP IS HYPE. I want this someday D:

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