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Nekros Related Ideas; Abilities, New Skin, And Helmet Ideas


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 As a fan of Nekros and a player that has used him more than any other Warframe even though I unlocked them all, I find myself still going back to him repeatedly. He by far is one of the most unique characters in the game that has a very unforgiving play style. What do I mean by that? He can die faster than any of them I've noticed. My biggest issues are these; no arcane helmets for him, but others do. His immortal skin while good is also lacking in a design that just really sticks out. His helmet design? Raknis is the best one for him as the other two are duds floating in the water. Especially after the 'fan-fic' Codex Entry I game up with here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/257415-codex-seems-bland-for-warframes-and-enemies/


 After having sat down with a few friends that also play the game I told them about a unique idea that I came up with for Nekros and felt that I would propose it to you, the community, but also to the developers. When it comes to Nekros' play style I've made three builds. One with high Ability Power to help with damage, but also the damage of his Shadows of the Dead and chance of loot re-roll for desecrate and my pure power efficiency/range build, which is only for deficiency. My other? A survival build so that I can use him for a rogue like melee style he seems to fit. 


 My biggest problem with him is Soul Punch. When playing Nekros, I imagined a character that would have one rather powerful ability, which would be one of his only offensive abilities; Soul Punch. With Soul Punch the idea I came up with is that it's not just a single target ability. Instead it would effect up to several enemies at once, applying a decent amount of impact damage (it BARELY hurts lv. 20 Grineer as it is), but also causing a knock down still. Doing this would allow for players to have some form of damage dealt with it, but also give them a chance to ambush enemies when Terrify is either already on cool down or when not having enough energy to use it (I'd be amazed if that's the case, but it does happen with Blind Rage builds that don't include fleeting expertise). 


 Terrify as cool as it is can also be a bit problematic. What do I mean by that? Due to many enemies running around at seemingly increased speeds, I've found myself slowly winging away from using it due to the problems it can cause, one of which is being surrounded and having no way to get out alive. I would think to see Terrify perhaps make them stun in place so that targets could be easier targeted instead of running around the entire map, which would also make it a better ability or just simply reducing the cool down on its base CD period that's already too high for what it is.


 When I imagine a new skin for Nekros I don't actually see a prime version of it due to his captivity (assuming this can be stated) that we would see something more primal. Since he was freed from Lephantis, which was taking over a Orokin ship, we can also assume that something could have tainted what Nekros could appear like. When I see him in a different aspect, I see something almost inhuman, tendon like pieces coming over, almost like a decay. I imagine where his leg plates are on his thighs, small claw like pieces coming out, and even a bit of an infested like attribute we saw on Lephantis making an appearance on this skin. Around the neck could be some more tattered cloth that would easily mock that of his Mortos Sydana and giving players a bit more of that creepy design that makes Nekros so unique. I'm guessing what I am saying is, if there is a Nekros Prime, it shouldn't look all flashy and golden aged like the others seeing as the Warframe was recovered from a very damaged ship that the Infested overtook.


 As for the Arcane helmet I saw a helmet that would increase his energy capacity while reducing his shields, which are already low as a trade off or even his power efficiency as players go fort his stat as it is. These are just ideas that are a shot int he dark.

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Arcane Helmets have been discontinued and DE will not make new stat helmets. 


 I'm fully aware of that. Though the helmets they have released for Nekros could have a "arcane stat" applied to them via a future patch, which therefore, would make them Arcane. Much like how they've done with the others. This is just a mere idea, not that they do it. :P

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