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Vault Run Doesn't Have Vault Room


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Recently i have tried a run with 4 people (nickname : (me)markyz007, itay9850, ArrowGT,eatmydoodoo) ODE (Orokin Directly Exterminate) to find the vault door and yet i didn't find the door.

i checked the whole map 6 time (3 lap from start to the escape point and back to the starting point) and also the small rooms which doesnt contain other doors and the narrow paths which goes no where since its blocked


if it is possible can it be fixed or make it an announcement that it will be an official information that some of the Orokin Direlict Exterminate / Capture / Survival will not have any Vault room


I dont have any proof because i didn't record it and i dont want to stay any longer in that place

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