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My Journey Through Warframe


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Yo. I am ex-warlord x2, storyteller, PVPer, credithoarder and used prime-parts-dealer Nimbat. Welcome to my thread.


I've been playing since U7 which means little over a year now and I've become incredibly attached to the game, it's mechanics and the community that surrounds it. It's been a wonderful journey seeing the game grow from it's infant state to where it is now.


I co-founded a clan simply called "Dojo" with my RL-friend Captain_Seasick the day clans were implemented, and it grew rapidly. We had around 10 core members that played everyday together while chatting on our Mumble server.

We watched members come and go, teaching newbies about the game only to see them leave a month or two later.

We've probably had over 200 different members in the clan throughout it's existance.


We had some mandatory drama, lost core members, gained new ones and so on. I was unemployed at the time but managed to get a job in the Swedish Airforce during autumn 2013. Going through basic training meant no internet access for 3 months, so when I came back home the first time I found the clan dead. I managed to get in touch with a few clan-mates that left and found out there had been massive drama in my absence.


I ressurected the clan, brought some old mates back and went on a recruiting spree. The clan was alive and well again (around february this year) but due to my job I had very little time to play, and living at the airforce base meant no wifi, so I had to use a S#&$ty USB-modem that wouldn't allow me to forward ports so I could only play solo. Life in Warframe at this time looked very grim.


Alliances were implemented and I decided to leave Dojo and create a one-man Ghost clan so I could fool around on my own terms, as a way to pass time but keep in touch with Dojo through Alliance-chat. I dumped around 25 forma into it, got a nice emblem uploaded and then witnessed my old clan Dojo collapse massively from within. I got upset and ditched my oneman-clan. I was fed up with everything remotely related to being a Warlord.


My ancient friend Avoozle who had been in Dojo since day 1 found a clan called Butt Touchers through Council chat, so I followed him there and decided to become a lurker. I managed to find an apartment and was once again able to play with others.


That's my journey through Warframe so far. I've been through the rise and fall of a successfull Storm clan, made countless friends and lost most of them. Warframe has pretty much been my only game for over a year. I've grown so accustomed to it's fluid movement, coptering, parkour and gunplay that it's hard for me to play other games. I've done almost everything there is to do and won't have to worry about resources for a very very long time. These days I'm mostly playing conclaves and doing the occassional voidrun.


I've enjoyed every day in this beatiful world, and to anyone reading this I wish you the best during your time here.

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Ah, I remember my days as Warlord of a Mountain Clan. It's just not worth the hassle and drama that comes with the title. Become an elite and stick with that, or only invite your close friends as permanent members of your clan, allowing newbies here and there to gain credits and resources in exchange for invaluable advisory and commradery.

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