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Valkyr: Casting Hysteria When Dying Could Disable Melee Weapon (+Glitch Ui)


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It is possible that this bug appeared after the HOTFIX 13.9.2:
(Fixed an issue with players being able to use Warframe abilities after death.)
So to reproducing this bug, you must be a CLIENT on the HOST it didn't work.
1. When you close to death, use Hysteria.
2. With high probability, you will lose melee weapons.
3. If you try to use it ("E" button) Valkyrie will be constantly hit. (same as here)
4. If after this glitch you still control the Valkyrie using Hysteria again you will see your melee weapon next to her claws.
I think that problem in switching between melee weapon and Valkyr claws. Hotfix cancel the Hysteria but not the swapping.
http://imgur.com/a/SEclH 1-st: Hysteria with Dual Ichor in arms; 2-st: Melee mode but Unarmed (yep with 72/72 of somthing) and Dual Ichor behind back
After some time my hp and shield bars bugged too and stop showing changes. Later I was unable to deal any damage and pick up drops. In reward window you can see empty melee weapon.
When exited the game I've got a crash with ID: WAR-238418
Other reproducing:
(funny moves:
:) )
DE I ask you to fix Valkyr = (
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Posting this here as this is probably the closest situation to my bug.


So I was doing T4 with a clan mate. Everything was peachy until I activated Hysteria at the point of death. There was no Hysteria activation animation, but I know it went through as the acknowledgement for completing an in-game challenge popped up (Use your warframe ability once). 


After I was revived, I found my melee button did nothing. I tried switching to dedicated melee mode (hold F) and this resulted:




Note all three of my weapons (Latron Wraith, Aklex and Dual Zoren with Dagger Axe skin) remained holstered. Melee button still did not do anything.


Then I collected some energy and activated Hysteria again, resulting in this:




During Hysteria I found the melee button worked, and although Valkyr was wielding the Dual Zoren, the attack animation stayed Hysteria's. 


Sidenote: It would've been just a minor inconvenience except for the fact that I was ranking up my Latron Wraith and Aklex, so I was practically useless when I ran out of energy. 


Then Vor showed up.




Sidenote 2: I initially posted this as a reply to this thread. I was in a rush and went with the first post when I searched for a similar bug. Then realized the OP had made the post under Arts & Animation. So did a repost here. 

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