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A Warframe Concept: Marionette The Puppet Warframe


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Hi all, long time lurker. I've been playing around with this idea for a while now and thought it was about time I passed it along. Probably needs a lot of work, and I may not update/post often but do with it what you will.


Basic idea:


This is a warframe based on puppetry.

The base frame is very non descript and purposefully devoid of most features (yes, I know, shh, just read where this is going). I'm bad with the HTML, but if you google wooden marionette doll, you'll see a buncha pictures that might work, the non descript wooden ones that pose.


It would have moderate shields, health and armor, as they're not particularly neccisary for Marionette herself, but useful for her puppet. (special graphics features mentioned in the powers section)


The real power of this frame shines in the presence of other beings.


Origin: First created by the orokin as a prototype Specter, Marionette was discarded as a failed project and forgotten about in an orokin vault. As happenstance would have it, a lost Tenno with no warframe happened upon it, unfortunately as the Tenno was dying. As a last resort, the tenno used it's ability to in habit the Marionette as it's new body. Finding this new body greatly suited to the Tenno's ability, it (mostly) permanently claimed this for as it's own, and the first Marionette Warframe was "born".


Proposed Baseline Stats:

Health: 100 (300 at rank 30)

Power: 100 (150 at rank 30)

Armor: 55

Shield Capacity: 100 (300 at rank 30)

Stamina: 80

Sprint Speed: .9 as Puppet (just a little klunky), base speed of posessed target if using power 1

Polarities: 4x= 2x- 1xD

Aura Polarity: -


 (powers have generic equip costs)


Power 1

Name: Possession

Energy Cost: 25

Power Range: 20/40/50/60 m

Power Duration: permanent, or until current target body dies

Power cooldown timer: 1 minute

Description: Marionette fully inhabits the body of an enemy, switching field of view and controls over to the target, as Marionette's doll body falls to the ground (and stays at that location for the mission unless Puppetry is used), she assumes manual control of her enemy. There would have to be some control over what could and could not be posessed in this way (no bosses, maybe eximus at max rank, using this ability while possessing a target sends Marionette back to her puppet body). 

While inhabiting the body of an enemy, Marionette assumes all base stats of that enemy but takes up the weapons from her doll. While inhabiting the body of an enemy, it's body takes on the coloration set for Marionette (both to distinguish for Marionette's friends and to keep the relevance of coloration choice normal warframes have access to [debating if armor should transfer from Puppet to Possessed to further distinguish or not).


Power 2

Name: Snagging Strings

Energy Cost: 50

Power Range: all targets within 3/6/9/12 m of the targeted spot

Power Duration: 30/40/50/60 seconds

Power cooldown timer: can't be used again until effect wears off of other targets

Description: Marionette strings (in the color of Marionette's power colors) leap out at the targeted area, all affected targets in this area have their movement and attack speed lowered as they struggle to get out of their entanglements.


Power 3

Name: Puppetry

Energy Cost: 75

Power Range: Marionette's puppet body

Power Duration: Until her puppet is downed from taking too much damage

Power cooldown timer: 1 minute

Description: This power can only be used while Possession is running. If Possession ends due to the possessed body running out of hitpoints, Marionette is instantly sent back to her puppet body and Puppetry ends. Once Puppetry is activated, Marionette's puppet body immediately comes from wherever it had fallen to the ground to wherever Marionette's currently inhabited body is. While this power is in use, Marionette's puppet acts like a pet or a specter. It retains the warframe's mod capabilities and hp/shield stats. It can be interacted with similarly to Hostages in Rescue missions to give it a weapon. Interacting once, gives it your secondary weapon. Again takes the secondary back and gives it your melee. One more time takes the melee weapon back and gives it your primary. If no weapon is given, Marionette's puppet resorts to hand to hand melee damage. (debating if Puppet should be left with secondary by default, and switching can happen from there, would require Marionette to be able to interact with downed puppet when puppetry isn't in play, to take up secondary and drop other weapon)


Power 4

Name: Dance of the Puppets

Energy Cost: 100

Power Range: 15/18/22/25 m, max number of targets 3/4/5/6

Power Duration: 10/15/20/25 seconds

Power cooldown timer: 30 seconds, can't be used while power is in effect on other targets

Description: Dance of the Puppets attaches strings (in the color of Marionette's power colors) to a number of targets within range, effectively controlling them until the power's durration ends or the target dies. While under Dance of the Puppets, affected targets fight for Marionette, similarly to Nyx's Mind Control but on a larger number of targets (at the cost of more energy and lower duration.

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How about a different name? Marionette seems a bit... normal. 

But then again, Ember;s name is Ember.


Possession's description is too much like the abilities of a Ghost or Spectre.


How about instead:

Marionette sends strings burying into the enemy's nervous system, effectively taking control of the target's body. Unfortunately, that also results in loss of control of her own nervous system. 


Also, possession seems a bit overpowered. Maybe switch energy costs with another ability.

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