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Heavy Weapon Idles


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One thing I've noticed in the weeks since Melee 2.0 came out is the odd choice of idle "stances" for heavy melee weapons.


The Jat Kitag and Galatine are held straight up (not even against the shoulder, just straight up and down)



The Scindo and Fragor impart strange, backbreaking twists on the wielder.



Now I get that the Scindo and Fragor are supposed to be heavy, but it seems awkward to have your Tenno hobble along when the scythes don't do this at all. I'd like to see the heavy melee weapons all get the same idle as the scythes or polearms.







This is also a far more natural place to start the first few swings of the hammer/axe combos since they're all downward swing with big wind-ups.



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I've noticed that the jet kitty jat kittag has been using the same animation you show here with the fragor...it looks extremely awkward in-level because the head of the hammer clips completely through the floor. That one in particular needs its own animation due to it's length.

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I know what you mean about the way some heavy weapons are held, I've had the same thought process about them too. It does make no sense that a large and heavy great sword is held up the way that it is, but I will say that they could work with this stance and simply make the Warframe balance the weapon on their shoulder; against their bodies.


The other stances such as the Fragor, gives the weapon and nice heavy and "not-to-be-messed-with" feel. It fits with the weapons' style.

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