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Melee Combos Arnt Much Because A Fully Modded Melee Kills Before The Combo Is Over Anyway


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title plus i wish we could quick parry :(


also finnishers should be executable at 20% enemy health or something not a random rng chance. And also 100% chance to use finnisher as a counter, and since its only single target its not to overpowered.


But combos ? they arnt to good on a fully modded weap unless its cc or group attacks.


Steal and finnishers need to kill after because i think a grineer would die from his neck being snapped.

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What kind of foes have you been fighting, Doug? Level 25+ enemies can eat entire combos from my fully modded dragon Nikana and Glaive Prime and live to tell the tale. Most Elites can take two. 


When you say "Finisher", is it safe to assume you mean the move you can execute on enemies laying on the ground? If so, it isn't random, just fidgety: Look down at the foe and wait for them to being standing up or be out of their ragdoll, then tap your Melee key. It typically won't work if you're mid-combo. As an additional bit, if you Parry a foe's melee strike while Channeling, the counter you can execute after is simply devastating.


Additionally, as Sean has also stated, combos are more than just flashy animations.

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Yet if it took longer they would be vastly inferior to ranged weaponry. Solution? Nerf everything. 

Or fight higher level enemies perhaps. 

They already are vastly inferior. The swap from using guns to melee only takes too long and makes it pretty much a waste of time as it is.  The only time melee even comes into play is when spamming it a few times at an enemy to conserve ammo.

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