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Account Information Not Saved


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Just completed my Rank 14 test... and account information wasn't saved, and now I am forced to wait another 24 hours to take the test again.


If your system is going to fail to properly update, then I shouldn't be forced to wait 24 hrs. That is punishing me the player, for something on your end.


I also have little doubt that the next time I take the test it will be able to properly record it as I have been hearing this happen to a lot of other people over the last week.


I will from now on document everything I do in this game as it appears I am forced to.

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Don't get me wrong I understand being irritated with the timer on retrying mastery test (I've fallen through at least 2 of my tests) but honestly, if you think about it how much did you really lose there? I would just be thrilled it didn't happen during a T4 Survival. Not trying to say it doesn't matter, but think about it this way, it could have been much worse.

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