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Dream Warframe Concept


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Hello this is just an idea I had for a dream/sleep themed warframe I hope you enjoy it.

The warframes name is Fantasia (derived from the word fantasy). Fantasia is a female frame.

1st power- Daydream

Fantasia emits a pulse of energy that will put any enemy it hits to sleep and cause them to stand still and "Daydream". Lasts for X amount of time then enemies will wake up and return to normal.

2nd power- Nightmare

This power will only affect enemies that are under the effect of Daydream. Fantasia emits a pulse of energy that will cause all Daydreaming enemies to have a nightmare. The nightmare will inflict damage to enemies as a percent of there total life until they are no longer under the affect of Daydream.

3rd power- Dream Walker

Fantasia emits a pulse of energy that buffs her and all teamates with a knockdown resistances aura that lasts for X amount of time

4th power- Epic Fantasy

Fantasia uses her powers to amplify her dreams and cause a meteor shower to rain down on her enemies. Deals X amount of damage per meteor and lasts for X amount of time

Thank you for reading

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Kind of she has the power to manipulate dreams and cause nightmares as well as put enemies to sleep her ultimate is basicall the power to make her dreams become a reality example she dreams it rains meteors her power makes it rain meteors

Its sorta serious but itsjust something I thought was cool if I had to explian it in science terms id says she can twist reality and make it become a fantasy

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A Baku spirt eats dreams Fantasia manipulates them plus I dont know how she would look with a trunk it could work but im not a artist so I cant really imagine how

Edit- Actually maybe she should eat dreams it could be her 3rd ability and cause her to regain health for her and her team?

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