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I Got A "gift Of The Lotus" 20% Discount


I got a "Gift of the lotus" 20% Discount, but no 30 free platinum.  Is the 30 platinum an old myth or am I doing something wrong?  There is no claim option under purchase platinum on the right side.  If it matters I first played the game through steam.  The discount is registering and showing altered prices.

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You have to get the one with the blue background to get free plat. 

Standard tokens only give you a discount. The special ones with a blue background will give you a little bit of free plat, but the chance of getting one is lower. 

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The Free Platinum comes with the blue background, and probably shows "+30 [Platinum Icon]" Next to the discount amount.

What you got was a 20% discount of next plat purchase, about it.

No myth, as I've seen the icon/item pop up, then flick over to a 20% discount (or however much) afterwards, so can confirm that there is a Discount plus Free Plat.

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