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  1. For me the change alias option shows up on the user page. I'm on PC, however.
  2. Last year I think it stuck around until the end of the event itself. So probs July 11th or a day or two later. They have yet to list an Expiration date anywhere that I can see.
  3. Warframe's story is about as scattered as the roadmap was in the leadup to The Sacrifice. I would really like to see it cleaned up, even though I already know all the beats so far.
  4. It's a glaring oversight in my opinion.
  5. Believe or not, I did. I simply don't agree with your conclusion.
  6. No. Optimizing kill efficiency and finding ways to kill stuff faster is part of the fun for me. Has been since the start.
  7. For me the usual setup is Nekros for desecrate, Tigris Prime with blast/corrosive, Sicarus Prime with radiation, and whatever your most consistently powerful melee is. I have a good riven for Gram, so I usually run Gram Prime. Although I also have a riven on my Sicarus, so maybe a rattleguts kitgun with really good crit stats instead.
  8. It launched in a state that could be charitably called "lacking" compared to the the base game, and even though it's seen improvements it still feels janky. There isn't really much practical incentive to use it besides mastery fodder, rapid movement in open-worlds and occasionally in Railjack missions. Since it was never really fleshed out or incentivized enough people kinda just ignore it until it's necessary.
  9. Yeah, It's pretty much worthless compared to the other Heavies now.
  10. I'm an advocate for scaling rewards, every successful siphon raises the gain by 10. Actually give people a reason to stick around.
  11. There's been a miscommunication here, I'm OK with balance changes being made within hard mode. Just don't disrupt the flow of the base game.
  12. You can't take away the sensation of power without robbing the game of it's identity. This might result in a more balanced experience, but not a more enjoyable one. Balance doesn't always equal fun. The game is a power fantasy, and that doesn't need to change.
  13. See, as long as these changes are contained within their own mode I'm fine with it. I only take issue with overzealous fools that think the entire game needs to be made harder.
  14. I really shouldn't need to explain to you what feedback is. Harder enemies doesn't just mean higher levels, higher armor values or more nullies. In many situations you could add chalenge by making sure enemies are placed a bit more intelligently. Got a frost eximus? bundle the mooks around them. Got a fire eximus? place them near the entrance so players get staggered if they don't pay attention. Hell, even just making nullies more physically aggressive would alter the flow of gameplay by putting the players active abilities more at risk.
  15. This is not one of those things that needs to happen. It's something that a small vocal minority wants even though it would be to the detriment of the majority.
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