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  1. I think it has a chance to prevent statuses from being applied, but if one gets through it won't prevent the damaging effects.
  2. I'd settle for a caution alert on the random colors button, requiring a second click to confirm
  3. I have 2 pistol rivens currently asking me to complete the same challenge, I've tried both but despite fulfilling every apparent requirement I have made no progress. The riven in question is equipped on my Sepulcrum, and I've used both it and my Snipetron Vandal to literally snipe the pilots right out of the dagryns, or just blow both of them up in one shot. Every single time, and with both rivens, the pilots have died before they hit the ground. I've tried it on the pilots that run to their dagryns to take off as well as the ones that warp right into the world already airborne.
  4. Nobody would deliberately use a dulled greatsword. Even if the steel was poor and sharpening options were lacking, an attempt would be made to put a competent edge on any sword, no matter how large and heavy unless it was truly infeasible. Additionally, a Greatsword such as the famous Claymore would rarely be more than 5.5 pounds in weight. More tiring and weighty than a 2 to 4 pound broadsword, surely, but not so much that you'd want to rely on it as an impact weapon. Hammers and cudgels already existed for that, and fared better against armor than any sword, sharp or otherwise. In fact,
  5. HE'S THE SHARPEST OF BLADES, HE'LL CUT YOU DOWN IN A SECOND Sorry, whenever the topic of edginess comes up I remember Infinte from Sonic Forces.
  6. Well it's a hard light blade and the actual edge is just an animated texture, meaning it's 2D which means it would be as thin and as sharp as a mono-molecular edge. But now I'm just being needlessly pedantic.
  7. IMO the difference in quality between stances is smaller now than ever before. Use whatever feels good to control, don't fret over attack speed or procs.
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