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  1. All archweapon XP is being lost for me in necramech endurance. It's happened twice in a row.
  2. I used the Prisma Dual Decurion for a run and it's still rank 0. What's going on here?
  3. It would be a welcome addition for me. There's just too much stuff nowadays. So much opportunity cost every time I try to pick a weapon.
  4. Come on. DE. I'm trying to play your game for a bit before I have to go to bed but the login is busted.
  5. Every time I start the launcher it fails to update. As a result I cannot log in. https://ibb.co/6BjxW2L
  6. Every time I start the launcher it fails to update. As a result I cannot log in. https://ibb.co/6BjxW2L
  7. I Bought every single one of Teshins Operator accessories, used almost all of my steel essence, and NONE of the 4 pieces are in my inventory. I'm also missing the Vayas prime operator accessories even though I claimed the drop.
  8. This is technically half bug, half feedback, but it feels more like a bug or programming oversight, so here we go. The Necramech UI or HUD always seems to use the default Vitruvian color theme instead of respecting the players chosen theme, and completely overrides the players chosen theme while the Necramech is in use. Even the pause menu is overridden to the Vitruvian spec.
  9. I went out into the cambion drift to do some mining and preservation hunting. Had some fun by killing stuff with bonewidow along the way. Upon returning to the Necralisk, I opened my arsenal to inspect my necramech and its gear, but there was a problem. When I switched from bonewidow to voidrig, the exalted weapon that was displayed was not Arquebex, but Ironbride. I clicked on it to see what would happen. It brought up a modding screen for Ironbride, but with Archgun mods. Also every stat is 0. https://ibb.co/ZTkKjk8 I had to exit the arsenal screen completely to fix the problem. B
  10. We did that. Or at least we attempted to. the problem is that after Vome rose we were unable to start the next vault because mother wouldn't let us. And just to add insult to injury, when another player in the squad attempted to start the same bounty we had just done (since every mother on the map would only offer us that one bounty) the esc key stopped responding for every player in the lobby, so we couldn't even open our pause menus to accept. After that we just gave up and left the lobby. Another patch just rolled out, so I'm hoping I won't encounter this bug again.
  11. Seems like most of the recent fixes didn't stick.
  12. By my understanding this was already patched, but last night my squad was unable to proceed from T2 to T3 because after Vome came up Mother just kept giving us the same T2 bounty over and over again, no matter which Mother we talked to. Additionally, when a squadmate attempted to start the same bounty again all of our esc keys stopped responding , so we couldn't even open the pause menu to accept or decline.
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