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Damaged Mods ? Wut ?



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It's for new players. They introduced them to bridge the gap until they get the regular Serration, Vitality, Redirection... Just hope they don't drop from regular enemies everywhere. More mod dilution is not what we need...

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I wonder if it's efficient value on mod fusion. If it's the case then it's a good new, but I doubt about it.


EDIT : It seems to have a fair value on Fusion. Like two same polarity damaged mod is needed to level up a normal one.

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I'd hazard a guess and say that Damaged Mods probably only drop from Low Level Enemies, possibly only enemies in the tutorial missions?


I've gotten Redirection, Vitality, and Serration thusfar which leaves me missing only Hornet Strike.


The nice thing about these mods is that they are very low cost.

Serration costs 2 for 10% (5 for 40%, as it only has 3 ranks) which is far better than 7 for 15% the un-damaged Serration costs. So in some situations on some low-ranked weapons, I could see myself using the Damaged Version!


I like these mods. Even Veteran Players might have a use for them (mainly while ranking up weapons).

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