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So I'm new. I know, I've been on and talking to some people, I've noticed some people on the Council chat that are here on the forums. So here I am, ready to participate on these forums.

In any event, I'm a ex-ME3MP vet, a regular on silver and gold. This seems even better then ME3 because of the crafting system- and the fact that there isn't a store that's totally bullcrap.

I also am a writer, and have been working on my own universe for the past 3 years, and am well versed in fleshing out stories and will probably try to find the lore section and post there- I've got a few ideas for story and lore, and such that I think would be welcome.

Just have to find it first... hmmm...

If someone wants to point me in that direction, that would be greatly appreciated. +1 internets for those who do?

*Sidenote- I greatly appreciate Flaming_Snake, Gonelvl4d, HITMAMA, redbrigade and Kanary for being so interactive on Council chat, and going along with my jokes. Thanks guys.

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