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Bring Back The Wall Run Please.


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So far with the update it has been disappointment after disappointment. First I saw the menus aren't really any faster, then I noticed the damn Mutalist Ospreys are back on infested defence, yet again contributing nothing to the game but annoyance. The foundry page doesn't show the resources I have when I am looking at blueprints, I have to now click a button.  

I was going to put up with all this, until I tried to run up a wall... My question is why? I know it wasn't intended or realistic, but so isn't zorencopter, are you going to remove that too?.  

I really don't get it, I'm a friggin space ninja, killing monsters and people that clone themselves and I can't run up a wall? Like really?? 

If realism is what you're going for, just remove the whole wall run. I can unrealistically run up the wall for 4-5 meters, but not more? It's a fantasy game and you are removing parts of the game that differentiates warframe from other generic shooters.  

I'm really disappointed so far, I was expecting fast and easy to navigate menus, with fun gameplay warframe always provided. Now I'm not feeling it anymore...   


Also, is it just me or is the warframe itself closer to the middle of the screen? Whenever I play rhino I can't see anything now. Just feels like they were more to the bottom left corner, I don't remember Rhino blocking almost half of the screen...

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Please DE.



He meant the wallrunningbug


edit: it #*($%%@ me also



The glitch mentioned on the patch notes have nothing to do with parkour. The glitch/exploit mentioned, is to repeatedly click climb/crouch while holding space on a wall to indefinitely run up. 
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