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Dual Kama Doing Everything (Literally)


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Hey me again,

As I was lvling my equipment it seemed that my dual kamas got some "proc's" of explosions while playing the dark sector def mission on jupiter. equipped with just mods with attack speed and crit chance/dmg for more dmg while in hysteria (I played as valkyr) and not even one elemental dmg active I saw weird explosions while using the "winding claws" combo of the stance mod Swirling Tiger, killing everything arround me. As one ancient finally lived through this weird bombs I saw eventually every debuff a enemy can get through elemental dmg or slash or whatever. (he died so fast just because of the dmg he got from fire procs etc. I couldn't even look at it properly)

I might see ghosts but I don't think this was the same before update 14, correct me if I'm wrong.



Kind regards,


Morroth, the (still) sweating dutchman

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Dual Kamas finally useful because of a bug.


Hilarious. It's the Miter all over again!

Except that it happens with ichors as well.




Also, the DOTs from it all seemed to do one damage to the level 30 odd infested i was fighting at the time. I was on the second mirage quest mission.

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