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Mirage: Bug Related To Market Bundle


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I decided I'd pick up the Mirage bundle (the extra helm, weapons, boosters, etc. helped fuel that decision.)  Part of buying the bundle is you get the fully crafted quest key (see pic below.)




So, I have the Mirage frame already.  I was under the impression that this above-mentioned key would allow you to view the related lore in the Codex.  However, the game still keeps prompting me to make the first piece of Mirage (the helm.) I really don't see the purpose in spending time, credits, resources, etc. when I've already paid plat for the bundle.


I'm assuming this is a bug.  Please fix before I throttle Lotus for "reminding" me every time I enter my ship that I should make the helmet.  I already want to choke the living shiz out of the guy on the "radio" behind me and his non-stop chatter.

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