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Ancient Disrupter Damages Energy In Nyx Bubble (Not Aura)


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I don't know if this was planned, but those new Ancient Disrupters kind of beat down my energy from 300 to 0 in about 2-3 seconds while I was in my bubble. Also because there were tons of other infested attacking me.


I've read their attacks damage energy now, but shouldn't nyx be able to stop this from happening ?


Can anyone confirm that ?


EDIT: I had no time to test again, but there seems to be a leech eximus on wave 5 too. Still can't explain the fast drain.

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That sucks, Before I used Nyx's bubble to survive all kinds of things that should have killed me. Like the poison cloud from the infested osprey, or the auras from magnetic leaders and such. Definitely sounds like a bug if what you say is getting through her absorb.


Slightly off topic, I think those energy draining enemies like the ancient disrupters should drop extra energy balls on death. :/ Been saying that for awhile.

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