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  1. Is warframe's dependence on the wiki bad? Yes.
  2. Good post. What put Railjack in this sorry state are mainly 2 things: 1. It's another world / system independent of the game's core. It is "another game within the game". 2. It is other abandoned content. DE has us used to "releasing content -> abandoning content -> releasing shiny new content". Sorry to say this, but DE is in dire need of a new leadership team.
  3. Yes, I feel the same. The developers just add "more and more of the same", ignoring the kernel problems. And if that weren't enough, they keep adding more and more isolated systems that do not affect the main core (the list is endless, from PoE to Raijack). And if that's not enough to get things wrong enough, the latest fad from the developers is to add an endless list of missions that you don't want to do, but "must" do to get the things you do want (all the mechanics of Night wave is absolutely tedious and boring to say the least). What do we have left? Very little. For my part, do some
  4. I share this post 100%. +1 Also, I would like to add a problem: DE decided to add "open world", but what we have in the game is not actually an open world. Having a huge map for 4 players connected via p2p I don't think is what players asked for (and expected) from an open world in Warframe. By the way, I also took 1 year off and reinstalled Warframe today. It seems to be short-lived on my SSD.
  5. Some... all. What we have been given to play is a pre-pre-alpha version of alpha tests.
  6. Because if the Railjack were "viable" without the need to get the META avionics, DE could no longer force the players to infinite grinding.
  7. I agree with this 100% and for a very simple reason: DE would earn so much money with the Railjack decorations that, reasonably, he would no longer need the aggressive and controversial monetization campaigns he is using for the monetization of Empyrean.
  8. I have to read your post more calmly, because it is worth it. In order to start with something, I talk about Cy. How about having a "behavior orders" option? Something like this in a ship menu: Select the behavior of Cy ┐: 1. Disconnected (Cy completely mutes) 2. Essential messages only (warnings and alerts) 3. Only essential messages and suggestions (Cy suggests actions and offers information about the ship, in addition to functions 2). 4. Free behavior (includes jokes and non-essential talk).
  9. Yes. Like so many others, I had to suffer the horrible ordeal of playing Nightwave just to get the Umbra Shape. Empyrean is another horrible torment, and I must play it "obligatorily" if I want the Umbra Form. But I won't have to play Nightwave anymore. I guess I should feel lucky.
  10. I didn't know the "original plan." Now I analyze it from the business perspective and ... it's a bad business decision. This is a lousy way to manage a project. You simply cannot build a whole community of thousands (or millions) of players around a Shooter, and halfway, decide that you are going to turn it into a space simulator (or anything else). Also, how are you managing DE this "transition" period? Because while DE (and Steve) build their original dream, we have the Warframe core abandoned to its fate, with all or almost all the features implemented halfway, unfinished or flawe
  11. I think DE got bored of designing the Warframe we know and decided halfway through, to turn it into a kind of space simulator. And what we have now is neither a space simulator, nor a shooter, nor an open world nor ... anything. It is a strange mix of isolated systems and content, with its own rules, resources and game systems. In other words: it's as if DE had no idea what Waframe is. Empyrean is your recent mistake and it doesn't seem like they will change.
  12. I propose something else: to return Ash to his pre-rework state. Ash was perfect.
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