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  1. No, it is not the only one. In its current state, Railjack is just a taxi, and another half-implemented "open world" that doesn't add anything relevant.
  2. Mod, please remove this post. The cause of the problem was based on an incorrect firewall configuration. Thanks.
  3. Anyone else having login problems? I have not been able to enter the game for less than 2 hours. I have already checked the password several times, everything seems correct, but I keep getting the "wrong password" message. Does anyone else have this problem?
  4. It is DE's business model and its only way of survival, and that is not open to criticism. What can be criticized is that they do exclusively that, while the core of the game is in pieces.
  5. ... and this is exactly the problem with this thread and other similar ones: it a huge undertaking. DE no longer does "huge undertaking". Just see everything about The Arsenal Divide. DE implemented cheap and superficial mechanics to "fix" deep core gameplay problems, with the only excuse that "polishing all firearms would be a huge undertaking." In contrast to that, compare the work it would take to do some of what you propose in your thread and draw your own conclusions. Editl: the first like for you is mine.
  6. Technically, no. Because the term "extraterrestrial" refers to any entity (living or non-life) of non-terrestrial origin (from planet Earth).
  7. Indeed, they only listen when it comes to small and insignificant things, while in turn ignoring the big problems.
  8. If just for a moment I side with DE, and think like them, I could say; "... Be that as it may, this way of doing things led us to success and earned us more than 50kk registered players." In other words, DE will not do anything to change the way he does things, because he surely is convinced that he is doing the right thing. They are right and you are not. I suspect that it must be something like this what is happening, because as someone else said in this post, we have been asking for things similar to what you say OP for years, but the results are always the same: DE finally does what it wants and the players they have no choice but to accept it.
  9. Completely agree. I really don't understand all the negativity this post has received.
  10. Others have said it very well: the solution is not to nerf melee, but to make firearms really viable and attractive. How to make viable firearms? The consensus to state a no-brainer: the new Arsenal Divide mods are insufficient, only providing a band-aid on an open wound, and they don't fix the game's serious core issues. Although this proposal is surely incomplete, I make my proposal for a deep reworking of firearms that makes them an option to consider vs melee. There are 6 main points: 1) Increase the primary magazine of all weapons by a multiplier (N), where N can be 3, 5, 7 times the current magazines. No more 30-shot magazines. 2) Increase the ammunition reserve of all weapons by multiplier N, where N is 2, 3, 4 times the current values. In some cases, eliminate the need to reserve ammunition (Fulmin case). * Adjust the values according to the parameters of point 5. 3) Increase the base damage of all weapons, according to BR rank and weapon type (automatic rifle, semi-automatic, shotgun). 4) Reduce the reload times of all weapons. 5) Complete reworking of the concept of "base damage" and "status effect". In real life the effectiveness of a weapon is defined by the type of ammunition it fires. Thus, the same weapon can fire multiple types of ammunition for different purposes. With this: 5a) Base damage is defined by ammo type (mod). 5b) Status effect is defined by ammo type (mod) 5c) A weapon can only equip 1 ammo-type mod in each build slot. Example: ┐ > New mod: Light Incendiary Piercing Ammo - Pierce armor and set your enemies ablaze. High rate of fire, 500 round magazine. > New Mod: Heavy Incendiary Piercing Ammo - Pierce armor and set your enemies ablaze. Low rate of fire, 250 round magazine. > New mod: Light Cryogenic Ammo - Freezes and completely stops enemies, 2.1m expansion radius, high rate of fire. > New mod: heavy cryogenic ammo - freezes and completely stops enemies, 4.2m expansion radius, low rate of fire. 6) Allow the player to dynamically select on mission between the mod configurations of his equipped weapon (Config [1], [2] [3], in the same way that Vauban selects his ability 2 using the options wheel. These 6 points can be improved and certainly others can be added, but they could be a step in the right direction to make firearms a viable option vs melee.
  11. Help who? To the Corpus in exchange for fieldron? To the Grinners in exchange for a weapon? We ruthlessly exterminate millions of Corpus and Grinners for what and why? The solar system is at war with each other, but who are we trying to free from their tyranny? The Tenno have NO nobility, no honor. We are Ninja, not Samurais.
  12. First of all: excellent post. +1 However, I have lost faith in DE listening. Neither you nor other excellent posts that I can now read in this section. There is a very famous phrase that says: "if you want to know what a man thinks, never pay attention to what he says, but only to what he does". Applying that to DE's attitude and forgetting what DE says, draw your own conclusions from him.
  13. This is completely correct.
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