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  1. Was Railjack worth it? No.
  2. People have stopped playing Railjack because Railjack is not Warframe.
  3. The Orokin became extinct. Now I can understand. After learning about their ships and their true technology, it was a stupid civilization.
  4. Empyrean is a solid base, yes. It is also a solid base PoE, Vallis, Lich, Conclave, Mods, Weapons, Unions, AI pets, maps, missions ... everything in Warframe feels a "solid base" that never completes and never reaches its full potential.
  5. AI of the intrinsic command working as expected.
  6. This version of Railjack is a 4/10. 1. The game system is disconnected from the rest of Warframe. 2. The ship's armament technology is more typical of what is seen in WWII than of the most advanced civilization of its time (Orokin). 3. The avionics system is confusing, redundant and copies the problems of the Warframe mod system. It seems that developers have not learned from their mistakes in 6 years. 4. The intrinsic system is absurd and inefficient. It is absurd because it includes "skills" that should be universal without the need for an intrinsic (needing an intrinsic for drift maneuver is ridiculous) and is inefficient because as you level up, less interesting / useful are its skills. 5. The Railjack is poorly designed inside. It is an uncomfortable maze through which to move and move. 6. The weapons are not only outdated and ridiculous for space combat, they also discard any capacity for customization or improvement (as in the weapons we already have in Warframe). 7. The entire MK system (I, II, III) is unnecessary and redundant making once a type III component is achieved, all I and II are automatically unnecessary garbage that will never be used again (I have my MK III Sigma reactor and I'm still wondering why I was forced to investigate types I and II first. It's ridiculous.) 8. The RNG + RNG + RNG system to get new components is how to say it ... an insult to the time spent by the player? 9. The missions are repetitive and tedious. 10. The mechanics of instant healing of ships in Velo is the most ridiculous and absurd thing I've seen in Warframe. 11. Personal opinion: Railjack is ugly. It's the ugliest spaceship I've ever seen. And I could continue ... And yes, the first games are very funny, but it's not Warframe. It's like playing another game and it's fun initially, but it ages very fast. Edit: add 11 point.
  7. Some... all. What we have been given to play is a pre-pre-alpha version of alpha tests.
  8. I know it was not your intention, but your comment demonstrates something that I have said repeatedly in other threads: the technology and characteristics of the Railjack, which is supposed to be the most advanced civilization of its time, is ... shameful?
  9. Yes. Everything in Warframe feels exactly like that; Great ideas, made in half.
  10. My most used warframe is Rhino. I usually waste time and with it I can stop it.
  11. The developers do not read the General Discussion section. I suggest that you publish it in General Feedback.
  12. I can say, from experience as a Railjack captain, that the consumption of necessary resources is insignificant, and that the number of players who waste ammunition or misuse it is a minority. Of course, I have also had horrible crews.
  13. I can clean all the nodes of the solar system with a braton without a potato and a frame without a reactor. Why should I install a reactor in my Warframe?
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