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A Simple Soultion To Bugged Decorations.


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I know people are going to love this suggestion.


Sometimes decorations bug out. They don't place properly, or other such problems.

One time i accidentally played a medallion beneath some water, making it impossible to 'edit decoration' and either complete it, or remove it. it was simply stuck there.

then in the latest patch this happened


&#! you can see every single decoration was bugged out and moved down a few meters, making many of them uneditable, with a few poking their top though the floor.

My suggestion to help with this is simple.

a button for '' removing all decorations inside this room (children of said room) "

Remove all decorations from this room? Are you sure?


You want to remove ALL decorations from this room


then every single decoration would be removed .

Now I could normally click them myself , but when you CANT, an AOE removal would be appreciated.

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