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Out there, there is a planet under much turmoil, Earth. This planet is constantly under attacks of the Grineer who try to pollute and damage the planet. Then one day it seemed as if a savoir appeared to protect the planet. The Tenno arrived and started stopping the cicero toxin injectors. It seemed as if things were going well for the planet.... That was until recently. It seems their savior have discovered a way to tame the Kubrow one of the wildlife on the planet. After discovering they may have the species called Kubrow as pets they needed to obtain mods for it. Now that the tenno are raising the Kubrow as their own they are on their way to exterminate the wild Kubrows, creating mass Kubrow genocide.

Please help stop Kubrow genocide. Even one person may make a big difference for this species of poor endangered animals. 

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*incoming rant from Desert Skate sympathiser*


Kubrows, kubrows, kubrows. That's all I hear coming from everyone. What has happened to the desert skates? Those lovely little creatures? They were forced to adapt to harsh conditions in Phobos that was unlike their original Orokin aquariums. I DEMAND THAT AWARENESS FOR THE DESERT SKATES BE INCREASED! I DEMAND ALL WAR EFFORTS TO GO INTO SAVING THE CUTE, WRIGGLING SAND PANCAKES IN PHOBOS! 


Before I get too riled up, I should support my statement above. Look at them. ( from warframe wiki 

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130812223114/warframe/images/5/5d/CBskate.png ) They were forced to have GRINEER FACES PLANTED ON THEIR FACE SO THEY COULD BREATHE IN THIS DESOLATE PLANET, AND NO FORM OF SELF DEFENSE OTHER THAN BITING AND UGLINESS.


This should not happen. SPETA should not only direct attention to kubrows only because they are cuter. SPETA is not doing justice, they are not doing their job.


Join the cause. Help the Desert Skates by calling 969-DOGE. Every call kills a Tenno helping the Kubrows and SPETA.


-MeowTezu, angry Desert Skate sympathiser

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