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Kubrow Suggestion


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Hi guys,

I have been reading a lot about the concerns with kubrow color and fur patterns. I agree with the majority that Kubrow Scrambler with the usage of platinum was a big no no. ( I was a sucker for using this feature aswell :) ) On the other hand, I also don't approve of the idea of buying fur patterns and using existing color palettes. I believe that this would first hinder the idea of genes and make kubrows less exciting in general.


Here is what i propose, Make a craft-able item " gene mutation" that will again random your kubrow colors with the exception of being able to pick a desired base color. This then will randomly generate a kubrow containing your desired color which can be the whole kubrow to the miniscule detail. With a more common chance of getting a dominant trait then a recessive trait pattern. This ensure a fair experience as well as providing a sense of achievement and rarity. For the gene imprints, this will not destroy the idea of dominant and recessive genes for breeding imprints. All in all, this is my opinion of this matter as I don't want to see plat being resumed as the only viable way to obtain said colors and customizations, but lean towards the game mechanics side of crafting and being surprised for the rare to happen.


In Summary
- No more plat scramblers ( good)
- No plat on fur patterns and existing color palette
-Craft-able item " gene mutation" to ensure fair experience
-Keep dominant and recessive traits in the game
-Lean towards the mechanical side of the game instead of a plat happy


*Sorry posted this in general discussion earlier by accident.


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