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  1. The core gameplay animations, like running/sprinting/walking animations (unarmed, gun, and melee), animations while firing guns, melee animations, idle animations, and archwing animations. They're subpar compared with the best games out there, and improving the animations would improve the gameplay and make me come back to the game.
  2. I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you, especially since DE doesn't have a "vision" but a loose collection of random, ever-changing ideas that result in half-baked content that's always delayed by years. There's nothing visionary about DE. Everything they have tried, and failed to do, has been done successfully by some other development team years ago. I've accepted that there will be no "good" years, only mediocre years, as mediocrity is all DE ever offers, imo.
  3. I don't recall him saying that. I know quite a few wanted that. I also remember him wanting Railjack to connect the system and to change the way we do star chart missions (travel to planets in the railjack, then do missions from there. Steve says a lot of things. It's best not to pay them any attention unless he actually starts showing the WIP of it. And even then, it's best just to wait for a final version, if any.
  4. I hope Tencent won't just let it be business as usual but will help you grow as a company, because you all need more talent to join your ranks and help you out. I hope they can support you in that effort, and I hope you're willing to try to improve your game and not just continue on with the status quo, as the Digital Extremes Twitter account suggested. I don't want the game to stay in the same shape it's been in. It needs to greatly improve its foundation, its core gameplay mechanics, and it hasn't done that in 7 years.
  5. The decisions Rebecca is talking about are not the "decision" to join Tencent, as it was not DE's decision to join Tencent. It was Leyou's decision to sell to Tencent. The decisions she's talking about are DE's creative decisions regarding the game. It's a different way of saying "DE is still in complete control of Warframe, so you're still stuck with DE even if you don't like DE's creative decisions." Is it still a bit dismissive of people who are critical of DE's creative decisions (particularly those of the past few years)? Yes, it is. But the statement has nothing to do with Tencent n
  6. The announcement mentions "upgrading Warframe based on your feedback." Here's some feedback: upgrade Warframe's movement animations (how we move with guns and melee weapons, as well as unarmed movement) to be more natural, more human-like. The current movement animations haven't been upgraded since 2013, and are lower quality than newer animation work in the game. Some older melee attack animations could also use a rework.
  7. Leyou bought all of DE's shares. Doesn't Tencent taking Leyou private mean DE is private?
  8. Despite the hate I know you've gotten and will get, this is mostly decent feedback that DE should seriously consider. Put. It. In. Feedback. Seriously. Your feedback regarding your gripes with DE's events? Put that in General Feedback. Your feedback regarding Lavos and Warframe design? Put that in the Warframes Feedback subforum. As for your wishing DE would fail and be shut down? Take that out. That's not constructive and won't ever help DE be better. I'll admit I've felt like that a lot as I've often been frustrated by DE's decisions. But it's not constructive and will only re
  9. Wow. DE keeps killing the utility of Vazarin's Void Dash. I miss Focus 1.0.
  10. I want them to make new, better animations, that actually look like a person running instead of the weird trotting thing they do now. They do that, then I'm fine with them increasing the animation speed with the running speed.
  11. So you just want DE to remove the forums then? Whether DE listens or not, they set up these forums for players to discuss the game and share ideas. It's not your place or Hypernaut1's to demean the people who do so. Your doing that is against the forum rules.
  12. It's interesting that crunch is only an issue when it's someone other than DE. When DE crunched to get content out years ago (remember the midnight EST releases?) or more recently to get content out alongside The Game Awards, it was viewed as a sign of DE's passion and commitment to the game. However, when other studios do it, it's worker abuse. I'm not saying CDPR's crunch is good. It certainly isn't, not for the developers and not for the game either (considering how buggy, broken, and incomplete the game is). I just wish the people complaining about crunch cared about it when it involves DE
  13. It's always great to see someone expound on their ideas for improving the game in a well-organized format, even if it's not something I agree with. This might be better in the General Feedback section, though, since it's really feedback. I'll provide my own opinions on the topics you've covered. 1) Regarding the opening discussion of Content Islands and Connectivity across the game, I think there are some challenges to really connecting the game. First of all, the game is designed as a farming, grinding looter shooter. The addition of new resources is DE's way of motivating players to sti
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