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  1. True, even though certain people here will never accept that. I'll use the Duviri Paradox as an example. Artists created a lot of content for Duviri, but it was just created for the trailer. Look at the Dax Duviri artwork on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/w8KzP6. The description reads: "Created for the Duviri paradox cinematic, from concept to the engine". That content wasn't created for the game. It was created for the cinematic. Now, I don't know if DE got far enough along to plan for this content making its way to the game, but that's what DE does. They create concepts to sh
  2. His name was Umbra, unless Lucas Hug was mistaken or unless Umbra is just what Ballas calls him post-transformation. Either way, Umbra refers specifically to the Dax in the Sacrifice quest. "Umbra and his son."
  3. When they went to China, they were acting like they were on vacation on social media. When Excalibur Umbra leaked out, it took them way too long to acknowledge it. Only after there was controversy within the community did they address it. When they finally put out a post talking about it and announcing that they'd release it for the global build, it took them three years before they decided on a way to add it to the game, signifying that they had no plan for releasing it for the global build (because, yes, if they originally intended to release it, then they would've had a plan for doing so).
  4. There probably won't be another umbral frame. It's a 6-year old warframe that DE didn't originally intend on adding to the global build of the game. It took them a while to acknowledge the exclusive China deal (which I think they intended to keep secret), longer to promise to give it to non-Chinese players (it was their version of Excal Prime), and even longer - 3 years - to add to the game (under the excuse that they were figuring out how to add it). So it shouldn't be surprising to know that they've dragged their feet on adding more umbra frames (something they said they would do) for nearly
  5. Looter games are a plague on the gaming industry. The system of chasing loot items through RNG-based systems is detrimental to games. Developers choose to build games around endlessly collecting virtual items, and fail to design games based around immersive, engaging, and replayable gameplay experiences. In their effort to make their virtual items more appealing, they resort to adding increasingly silly items to their games, and, when they have the money, they opt for tie-ins with other popular IPs as a means of trying to keep players hooked on their games. Periods without significant con
  6. I mean this with all due respect, sharing your feelings regarding Warframe: find another game that is actually fun. You can still come back to Warframe every now and then, but have another game that you actually enjoy playing. That will make it easier to put up with DE's game design, because then Warframe won't be your main game and you'll be a happier person. That's what I did. I've given up expecting DE to improve the core gameplay (especially non-parkour movement and weapon animations) and reduce their dependence on RNG grind. I've given up expecting them to care about their story and bring
  7. Because Digital Extremes is extremely bad at storytelling. They always have been.
  8. Change the entire melee system to something more like Ghost of Tsushima, and you nerf melee without actually nerfing melee. If you narrow the application of melee within the gameplay, then you allow it to be effective and powerful within its context - melee - without overpowering guns, which will be powerful and effective within their context - ranged gameplay.
  9. You didn't get Waframe's Star Wars Battlefront. Star Wars Battlefront would've been an upgrade compared to this. This is like Bridge Commander or a simplified version of any other space sim. What I'd like to see is something like the OG Battlefront 2 mixed with AC Black Flag (but in space), a free-roaming, open-world-like gameplay space where you can freely travel to any planet and to select objects in space, like space stations, asteroids, random fleets out in space, and fight enemy fleets, explore, deploy and do ground missions, etc. Ship vs ship battles should play out like the OG Star Wars
  10. Your mistake with Railjack was making it Bridge Commander and not OG Battlefront 2. Making the railjack a liability that you have to baby sit and maintain was never going to work and still won't work. A high-action space combat mode like the OG Battlefront 2, where you're flying around in fighters to destroy parts of various capital ships, and boarding those ships to take them down from the inside, while other players are defending your own capital ship, would have expanded Warframe's gameplay while maintaining the same pace of the gameplay. The concept is similar, but your capital ship is in
  11. Like Excalibur Umbra was in the works for 3 years? Like Focus was in the works for 2 years? Like Railjack was in the works for 2 years? "In the works" from DE doesn't mean much of anything. Whatever. It doesn't affect me. I don't even play the game anymore. I just keep up with the game to see if it ever turns around and improves in the ways I think it needs to improve. If you want to put stock in DE saying something's "in the works," well, you do you.
  12. Lol. "2 weeks later..." Wouldn't surprise me one bit if DE completely forgot about it. They forget about the content they're developing for years on end. There's no doubt they could forget about something like this. lol
  13. The core gameplay animations, like running/sprinting/walking animations (unarmed, gun, and melee), animations while firing guns, melee animations, idle animations, and archwing animations. They're subpar compared with the best games out there, and improving the animations would improve the gameplay and make me come back to the game.
  14. I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you, especially since DE doesn't have a "vision" but a loose collection of random, ever-changing ideas that result in half-baked content that's always delayed by years. There's nothing visionary about DE. Everything they have tried, and failed to do, has been done successfully by some other development team years ago. I've accepted that there will be no "good" years, only mediocre years, as mediocrity is all DE ever offers, imo.
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