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  1. What's odd is comparing Warframe to your spouse. People are very fragile here. They get triggered by the mere suggestion that Warframe might die.
  2. No one would buy Warframe, that's what. Look at how much interest there is in Destiny 2 and how little there is in Warframe, despite Bungie charging money for their expansions. It's laughable that you actually think Digital Extremes is more successful than Bungie, the studio behind the infinitely more popular Halo. Look at how many successful, money-making games Bungie has put out and how many failed, critically-rejected games Digital Extremes has put out. Look at the $40-$70 Bungie charges for their once a year expansions, that offer a wealth of playable content and bring in a whole lot of ch
  3. Warframe will never die. However, will it decline to a point where it's obsolete and fails to garner any significant attention from the wider gaming industry? Well, one could argue Warframe is already at that point. I think DE can rectify that if they overhaul their core gameplay, starting with improving gunplay, melee, and associated movement and combat animations. Then, overhaul AI behavior (not necessarily making them smarter, but changing how they behave, what tools they use, and how they spawn in the environment). Then, radically overhaul the modding and damage systems, getting rid o
  4. If by "business as usual" you mean struggling to put out smaller pieces of content every 3 months, then sure, it's "business as usual." If you'd actually pay attention to something other than Warframe, you'd see plenty of examples of studios who are actually putting out substantial amounts of content during this pandemic. DE's doing the best they can, but don't pretend they're doing better than other studios.
  5. Destiny 2 is more successful than Warframe. Destiny 2 has a huge expansion coming out in November, which they are absolutely on track to deliver after they made the decision to delay it. Warframe does need to try. Also, look at the amount of content they have released in this time and what they have coming up. You and I may not enjoy Destiny 2 (I don't enjoy it, personally, but have friends that do), but there is no denying Bungie's success while DE has struggled. Most successful studios have done fine during this pandemic, while DE has struggled, not to mention the fact that DE's struggles wi
  6. Respect your opinion, but I absolutely disagree. I don't think there are any highs, and I think there are a lot of lows, and I most certainly don't agree that it's one of the best stories for sci-fi across both TV and games. IMO, it's one of the worst. I think that if it had been handled by a dev studio with an actual narrative director and writer who cared about story, then it could've been on par with Star Wars. But DE has no such people. The inconsistencies and contradictions exist because DE made up new stories without regard for their existing lore. The inconsistencies are because DE does
  7. I agree. Description lore is great when it supplements an already great narrative. However, imo, Warframe's narrative is terribly written, extremely unorganized, and awfully contradictory, and it's description lore is just as bad, as it doesn't expand on the narrative. DE's storytelling is like getting drunk and throwing half-though-out ideas at the wall and seeing what's the quirkiest, most random idea that sticks to it. Quite frankly, I think DE is bad at storytelling and it would do them a world of good to hire an actual writer who cares about lore, who will take over all story-writing duti
  8. I think it's pretty bad. Poorly organized, very inconsistent and contradictory, and clearly something DE isn't passionate about given how random, inconsistent, shallow, and contradictory it is. They clearly don't care about story the way Bungie or even Infinity Ward cares about story. DE's handling of Warframe's story is the worst of the games I've played (yes, that includes The Second Dream), and I've played all the COD Modern Warfare games, several Assassin's Creed games, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, most of the Ghost Recon games, singleplayer and multiplayer Star Wars games, Medal of H
  9. For all those who really like what DE's offering with this update, you should certainly thank DE for it. But this update has nothing that I'm interested in, so I won't be thanking DE for it. Sorry, but despite a pandemic, many studios are actually putting out substantial content, while DE has struggled with their content releases for years now, putting out half-developed content for their big and small updates. I'm not going to thank them for adding some limited-time items to the game. Is it nice that they did something for Halloween? Yeah. But merely doing something is such a low ba
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