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  1. She can't, legally. Unless I'm mistaken, that was part of the exclusivity agreement signed between Leyou and Tencent, that no shareholder or employee can discuss the deal.
  2. So, tell me what the analyst thinks is the reason for Leyou seeking a buyer. The analyst was clearly referencing the annual report. The annual report said Warframe wasn't bringing in as many new players. Considering just how much of a percentage of Leyou's revenue Warframe brings in (one source says it's around 80%) and that Leyou reported a loss of revenue and gross profit, I tend to think that when the analyst says Warframe "suffered", that's what he's talking about. But please tell me how one should interpret the analyst's analysis if I'm incorrect.
  3. They can't talk about the deal publicly. Legally, they can't. My person opinion: I hope the deal fails and Leyou sells to Sony.
  4. EDIT: Well, the thread got merged. Also, when I made this post I didn't realize they reopened this original thread. My original comment doesn't matter. 😞
  5. Warframe makes up most of their revenue and profit iirc.
  6. Again, I trust an actual analyst over you. And that analyst seriously believes Leyou is looking for a buyer because of Warframe's underperformance last year.
  7. Leyou considers Warframe to have underperformed. That's in their report. Those aren't my words. Leyou reported a loss in revenue and a loss in gross profit. Not my words. Their words. By the last calculations for 2019 (based on studying their financial reports), they have around 4-5 million monthly active users (before they stopped reporting on that altogether). I'm not going based on fluctuating Steam numbers. I'm going off of their reports. And when an analyst, who has more experience and knowledge about this business than you or me says Leyou is looking for a buyer because Warframe suffered in 2019 due to a slow update cycle and new competition, something that is based directly on Leyou's 2019 Annual Report, yes, I believe them over forum users who want to believe that their favorite game is always successful. You. Are. Wrong.
  8. Are you kidding? Gross profit is down $20 million, which they call a loss. The loss in revenue is around $13 million. They also specifically say that they weren't bringing in as many new players in 2019 as they were in 2018. That's an underperformance. And an analyst pointed out that this was the reason Leyou was looking for a buyout. I don't think you actually read that report. The only misinformation here is your statement.
  9. So, what do you think they mean by "suffered" if it's not about profit? We're talking about business here. If Leyou believes Warframe suffered, then that means financially. http://leyoutech.com.hk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/2019-Annual-Report.pdf This is Leyou's Annual Report for 2019. Leyou lost money by the end of 2019. A majority of forum goers and being among the 10 most profitable Steam games years ago does not mean Warframe was profitable last year. Having 40k+ players on Steam doesn't make Warframe profitable. Let me make it clear for you: Leyou lost $20 million last year in gross profit. I'm sorry to break bad news to you, but Warframe was not successful last year, and that is the reason Leyou is looking for a buyout. Don't think Tencent won't want to make changes.
  10. Tencent will be looking to make Warframe make more money. They recognize that Warframe underperformed last year. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/10/tencent-in-exclusive-talks-to-buy-hong-kong-gaming-firm-leyou.html I see that as either new management (and leading to more dev hires), more advertising (which hasn't seemed to help DE that much), or more microtransactions, or some or all of the above.
  11. RIP. I hope the people who wanted Tencent over Sony (no, not iDreamSky, Tencent) are happy.
  12. Zero. Zip. Nada. Got 4 from completing two planets.
  13. First of all, that's obvious. The whole point is that they bring in more talented devs to DE, wherever they're from. All of those studios put out quality story-driven content, meaning Sony does care about story, much more than a company (iDreamSky) who only makes mobile games. Despite all of these other people's animosity towards Sony, Sony's games are much closer to Warframe than those of iDreamSky. I'd trust Sony over iDreamSky not only to care about Warframe but to actually help improve it, and that includes its story among other aspects. Second, what do you have against Japanese people? It's really starting to sound like you are prejudice against Japanese people.
  14. Then they shouldn't have put rewards behind it.
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