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Vor's Prize Should Also Teach Players How To Use The Mod System


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I introduced someone to Warframe about a week or so ago, and she immediately fell in love with it. She played the new prologue when Update 14 came out, and one of the things that Vor's Prize did not teach her about was how to utilize the mod system.



I had to sit down with her and talk about the different types of mods (Corrupted, Nightmare, Warframe, Aura, et cetera), mod capacity, mod fusion, Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Superchargers, Forma, et cetera.



This is something that the game should have taught her. I don't mind telling her about the importance of the mod system and stuff, but other new players may not have someone who can tell them about things.


She was all the way up to Earth without mods because she didn't understand them, and she couldn't figure out how things were becoming increasingly difficult to kill, and she didn't seem to be progressing at all.




It doesn't teach her about Damage 2.0, and that's something else that the game should teach new players. I'm not looking forward to the conversation about that.



Just my two cents. Overall, the Prologue was very fun and entertaining, and I have to say congratulations, because it got her hooked to the game. I'd say it did it achieved it's purpose.

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The moding tutorial (The little button at the bottom of the Upgrade screen) does a comprehensive job of explaining what every part of the mod is. Though I think a bit more wouldn't hurt at all. Also, I think the "Tutorial" should be highlighted and more readily found than at present.

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