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A Primer For Kubrows?


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I use the Wiki for pretty much ALL of the questions I have about missions, etc and usually can find the answer.


However, I can't find any primer about what to do with them  except for the minimal info in the incubator.


I now have a Sahasha? pup that is maturing and some mods picked up on earth but have no idea what to do with them or how to get the Kubrow into my missions to mod it up?


Can somebody point me to a thread that explains this whole process? I bought the kit for 65 plat to get started  but understand some of the initial purchases by players are now useless?


I have struggled my way through U14 and have been given  good advice by some friends, but I sure would like to be able to figure this out by myself..


Thanks in advance and I apologize if there is a full thread that I just couldnt find



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Wait for it to mature, continue quest in codex. Next step I think is a defense mission that rewards the collar. I believe this is the component that adds the kubrow to the sentinel screen. (this is all my understanding as mine as still maturing)

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