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New Warframe Idea


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Last warframe idea of mine was S#&$, hope this is better :D


Using lethal gasses and high fire resistance Haze has wonderful crowd control abilities



1. Spark, Haze emits a small flame lighting any nearby gasses (powers 3 and 4) and doing small amounts of fire damage

2. Canister, Haze tosses a small canister of blinding gas, leaving enemies immobile for a short period

3. Gas Leak, Haze leaves a small puddle of gas that enemies will slip on, introduce fire everything will burn

4. Haze, Haze emits a toxic gas dealing damage over time, if introduced to fire the whole thing will burst out in flames scorching everything

He has 100 shields 150 health 100 armor and 100 power


If you have any ideas leave them in the comment section, i try to be as original as possible

Good day :D

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