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:: The Woodshop :: Massive Sale :: Corrupted Mods, Stances, Prime Parts

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I have lots of stuff that needs to go. Why farm when you can buy cheap stuff at the woodshop?

WTT? I am looking for: Glaive Prime BP and Stance.


Don't see what you're looking for? Please ask. I'm subscribed to this post and respond fairly quickly.


Update: I play most evenings during Eastern Standard Time hours, around 8-11pm.




Legendary Fusion Core (instantly maxes out chosen mod)

*Offers Only*



Decisive Judgement - Kitana 15p

Crossing Snakes - Swords 15p

Swirling Tiger - Swords 9p

Clashing Forest - Staff 8p

MAX Coiling Viper - Whip 15p

Brutal Tide - Fists 13p

Burning Wasp - Whip 4p

Reaping Spiral - Scythe 2p


Melee Mods

Life Strike 9p

Rending Strike 4p

Jagged Edge  15p

Spoiled Strike 8p

Sundering Strike 5p

Berserker 14p

Reflex Guard 2p

Fortitude 10p

Retribution 10p

Power Throw 4p

Quick Thinking   16p

All Smites 2p


Sentinel Mods

Coolant Leak 12p

Fired Up 6p


Corrupted Mods, Useful Mods

Heavy Caliber   20p

Split Chamber   8p

Serration   3p

Shield Flux   10p

Hell's Chamber   10p

Narrow Minded   13p

Natural Talent   9p

Thunderbolt   5p

Metal Auger   6p

Hammer Shot  16p

Shred   7p

Stabilizer   3p

Steady Hands   2p

Tainted Mag   2p

Seeker   12p

Barrel Diffusion   12p

Shotgun Spazz   15p

Overextended   18p


Prime Parts and Sets

Ember Prime FULL SET   18p

Frost Prime FULL SET   20p

Mag Prime BP   2p

Mag Prime Helm    2p

Mag Prime Chassis   2p

Rhino Prime Chassis   10p

Latron Prime FULL SET   15p

Boar Prime BP   3p

Boar Prime Stock   7p

Paris Prime BP   3p

Paris Prime String   4p

Paris Prime Upper Limb   10p

Paris Prime Lower Limb   3p

Braton Prime BP   3p

Braton Prime Receiver   15p   

Braton Prime Stock   5p

Reaper Prime FULL SET  25p

Dakra Prime Blade   8p

Dakra Prime Handle   7p

Glaive Prime Disc   3p

Lex Prime  6p

Sicarus Prime Barrel   5p



Energy Siphon   10p

Corrosive Projection   6p

Steel Charge   8p

Rifle Amp   12p

Enemy Radar   6p

Shield Disruption   5p

All Scavenger Auras  3p

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