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Kubrow/quest Issues



So I bought an egg from the market and I'm pretty sure my kubrow is matured atleast it looks fully grown is barking and stuff but I still can't equip it. 


Do you need to complete the kubrow quest to actually be able to use the kubrow? The whole reason I bought an egg is cause I have played close to like 40-50 earth missions by now and got nothing. What is the point of buying an egg if the quest won't update.

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I'm not sure what the issue could be. If your Kubrow is fully matured and still cannot equip it then try going back into the Codex, click on "Quests" and reinitiate the Kubrow quest. Lotus should begin to talk to you about a collar that you will need from a mission on Earth.


If this is not the issue then there may be a bug somewhere.

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