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Incoming Damage After Hotfix 14.0.9 Is Exponentially Higher


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After the update, my clan members and I have been noticing that incoming damage (at least in mobile defense...tested tower3 and mercury) is, as stated in the subject, ridiculously high. 


Our pre-hotfix void team which has proved perfectly competent had our members getting 2-3 shotted by enemies that would not have proved any challenge to dispatch before the hotfix, and the defense terminal melted in literally two seconds from a single enemy, and I'm talking about a regular corprus melee guy, not a heavy gunner or bombard or something.  Testing the damage pattern on a level 6-7 mercury mobile defense yielded similar results.  Obviously, our team members were not being 2-3 shotted, but the incoming damage received by the defense terminal was exponentially higher than pre-hotfix.


After checking the hotfix changelog, I am assuming that there is some sort of error in the damage adjustments that are listed to have been made.


Suffice to say that at this point, the game is unplayable on a "competitive" or "progressive" level.  Characters looking to push their limits will find it nearly impossible.

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I already thought the damage I was taken after update 14 was way to high, but to hear it went up again is disheartning to say the least. Solo missions were tough enough as it was, they didn't need to make them harder. I hope they decide to correct this issue and ease up on making the game less fun to play.

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