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Orokin Derelict Door Not Opening.


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Just started an Orokin Derelict Exterminate mission, finished killing everything and was heading towards extraction when i happened upon a green door that wouldn't open. This door clearly leading to where i was meant to go.. it just wouldn't open.






Links showing door, which part of the tileset it was and how it wouldn't open. Tried approaching the door from any angle, nothing. Forced to abort mission.

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This is very annoying and very common at least for me, I cannot complete at least 1 out of 10 runs because of this bug, usually there is a lot of Infested behind those doors, maybe they cause them to jam? It's strange because it never happended to me in Void missions.

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UP and more


Same issues in





Like Other I try to run Orokin Derelict Exterminate (Collecting Vault) and I often get blocked with a door, I'm making a ticket with my last three EE.log. I can't evaluate how many times it happen because I abort the mission as soon I find a vault with a mismatch key. But the last 4 missions where i was blocked, I had open 2 vaults and the the others was beyond the doors.

-I even try to call infested by firing but they are blocked to.

-2 Doors were blocked before the patch and 2 after so....


Approaching the Door





Calling infested by firing (follow the red dot on the map)










Just some little stats

Derelict Exterminate run : XXXXX.XXXXX

-Extraction Not seen (abort at the vault) : XXX

-Door Locked confirmed : XXX

-Made it till Extraction : XXXX


3 bugged map for 10 runs....

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