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So, How Exactly Do You Play Oberon?



I'm going to give him one more honest try, even though he's pretty much seemed terrible to me so far, but so many people have said that he's really good. Can someone explain to me exactly what I need to be doing to play Oberon without him being suck sauce?

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Power strength, efficiency and range. Reckoning and renewal. Add a touch of shields and vitality. I have forma'd him 5 times, and reckoning is totally spammable. He's a paladin so add Silva & Aegis and enjoy. Hes actually pretty great for leveling kubrows as the ammount of health orb drops is increased through reckoning and his healing ability is quite handy at this as well.

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What? He's awesome, take him as a great support who can sustain his team, his second ability does DPS and can sustain it for defenses and whatnot, third ability is self explanatory and fourth ability gives a bit of breathing room when needed as well as clearing the weaker enemies, his first ability wasn't my favorite to be honest :/

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Presh 4 2 wyn. 


just kidding. 


He's a support type and a nuker. Kill and heal is the motto. Useful for mid-level gameplay. Top-tier gameplay, he's more of a CC type instead of a nuker.


First ability: Smite. - Pretty straightforward. Just aim and press 1 to kill or stun and hope for the best that the flying projectiles hit another enemy. 


Second ability: Hallowed Ground. - You can choose to lay it near a cryopod so anyone attempting to run over to it and destroy the pod can be dealt with. Or, you can lay it in a corridor so anyone unfortunate enough to pass by will have an honorable death. 


Third ability: Renewal. - Heal. Restores HP/second. Unlike Trinity's Blessing ability, Renewal doesn't provide damage reduction upon cast. 


Fourth ability: Reckoning. - Press 4 to win. Useful for large groups gathered together into a compact herd, Reckoning is used for making pumpkin juice out of their little heads for halloween. 


My suggestion: Find your own way in playing him. Don't let others dictate so. DPS? KPS? Who cares? Just have fun, man. 

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